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Pokemon Resort RP

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Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
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Welcome to the Pokemon Resort!

(Don't forget to sign up and read the rules here!) Opening Day Time: 7:57 AM Weather: Warm and sunny Liana swept up the last of the dirt and wiped her forehead. She'd spent all morning getting ready for the grand opening of the resort, which was at 8:00 AM. "I think we're ready!" Liana said to Kotto. Kotto nodded and flew to the door. She flung it open and said, "The resort is now ready!" (Okay guys, feel free to jump in now! :D)
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OOC: Hi there! Glad to be here! Kurt, Male, Pancham Barron, Male, Farfetch'd Kurt slowly stroled along with Barron, who was his friend, in tow. Barron began flaliling his leek as he swiftly pointed forwards, "Onwards, Kurt, my boy!". with a short sigh Kurt smiled though he mumrered, "I ain't your son." Eventually, as the warm and sunny breeze set upon them, they had realised they had finally made it. "Hey! This place is pretty great ain't it mate?" Kurt smiled, elbowing Barron in a friendly manner. "Well my expertise in finding the right places is unmatched, young one- Kurt just laughed, "A little pidgey told me that Bert told you about it." Embarresed, Barron blushed intensely, "Stupid me, I shouldn't have let him tell me I could have definitely found it myself!" Kurt, with a little chuckle, put his arm around the farfeth'd, "Like you could do that!" "Why you!" Barron furiously attempted to hit him with his leek as Kurt neatly dodged every attack, "Catch me if you can!" Like that, thety were there. They had finally arrived at the pokemon resort.
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Liana looked up from her notebook at the sounds of two Pokemon. "Hello," she said, greeting them with a smile. "Welcome! I'm Liana, you can usually find me here at the front desk. If you'd like any tips on what to do or where you should go, feel free to ask me!"
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Mina bounced up and down with excitement and ran into the pokemon resort. "This looks so fun!!" She exclaimed excitedly, looking around for someone to talk to. She saw Liana and bounced over to her. Hilda walked around, looking for a place to be in solitude and peace, at least for a little while. She found a small group of pokemon around a receptionist pokemon and went over there for a minute.
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Im always open to RP! PM if interested!
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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
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Quinn walked in to the soft dirt as Georgia clung to her tail. Quinn didn't mind this, after all she knew Georgia for a very long time and knew of her.. Problem. Quinn looked at Liana. "Hello, Miss." She dipped her head in respect to Liana.
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Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Liana looked at all the new arrivals, saying, "Hello, all!" she took out a notebook and began logging all the new arrivals in it. "I'll need your names so I can write them down, and then you all can start exploring!" Liana said. Kotto heard a bunch of talking in the main hall and she floated out. Seeing all the pokemon, she said, "YAY! Friends! Adventurrrreeeeee! I'm Kotto, I'm a helper I guess, I'll be at the beach if anyone needs meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." she flew out the door leading to the beach.
Lapis saw a bunch of clamoring pokemon in front and she stepped up behind them. She looked around, interested.
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Quinn said her name, after hearing this, and then turned her head to Georgia; who looked terrified. Clearing stating that her hearing went out. "My name is Quinn. This is Georgia, the one whose grabbing my tail, she can't really hear properly." She whispered this to Liana. She knew that Liana would probably want to know.
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Lapis spoke up, saying, "I'm Lapis!" Liana nodded and wrote it down. "Thank you," she said to Quinn and Lapis. "Feel free to head out and explore!"
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Mina continued bouncing. "I'm Mina!!" She introduced herself loudly and excitedly. Hilda hung back and didn't introduce herself for a while. Too many pokemon... She thought, fidgiting her front legs
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
"Thank you, Mina!" Liana said. Then she crouched and looked at Hilda. "Don't be scared," she whispered quietly and gently. "This is a safe space, and you can meet very nice pokemon here."

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