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LF: Aesthetic Deltas 💕

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miridical's Avatarmiridical
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logging on to see over 10 replies was a bit of a shock o_O lol, sorry for the late replies! busy day yesterday :]

long o.o

@SubwayWolf - i’d love to grab that faemilarín! @Ethenin - 50gp is pretty low for a legendary delta, i’ve bought legend deltas at ~100gp, so i’d feel bad paying less than that D: @Priince - i didn’t really see any that caught my eye, sorry! @Silverdni - how much would you be looking for for the fighting zorua? :) @LillyFire55 - nothing really interested me, sorry :( @cynthanasia - i am definitely interested! would 100gp be okay? @gnome - 25gp for the tsareena? ^^ @UnwrittenTogepi - not very interested, sorry! @Rikuwolf - how much for this lad? :) @Aspen98 - not very interested, sorry! @inkmonkun - could i get the masquerain, please? :o @LycanKai - nothing really interested me :<
i hope i got everyone o_o
Marauder87's AvatarMarauder87
Marauder87's Avatar
heya! i have a deltra trade field if you want to take a look :)
miridical's Avatarmiridical
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didn’t really find anything that interested me, sorry!
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
Hmm... 40gp?
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miridical's Avatarmiridical
miridical's Avatar
i can do 40 :)
Ethenin's AvatarEthenin
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That's fine! You can pay whatever you feel comfortable paying: I'm not looking for a big profit off of this anyways!
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Hmmm I might have a few? I'd like a bit more for the totem togedemaru and the maravol though, if possible :)
cynthanasia's Avatarcynthanasia
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QUOTE originally posted by miridical

[snip] @cynthanasia - i am definitely interested! would 100gp be okay?
Sure, I'll wait for you to send a trade so I don't back you up (since there were a lot of offers!)
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Ashes20's AvatarAshes20
Ashes20's Avatar
I've got these pwyw if interested
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miridical's Avatarmiridical
miridical's Avatar
@Ethenin - i’ll send a trade :) @lost in progress - would 50gp for the togedemaru be okay? @cynthasia - trade sent! @Ashes20 - i’d love to grab Sunny, Bell and Pinky! would 80gp total be good?

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