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Selling summons, Mega stones, Z Crystals and ect.

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kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
Looking for around market price but im willing to haggle some. Any currency is ok but ZC is preferred. Summon items 2 Cloned Sash, 1 Thunder Fang, 1 Jade Orb, 1 Adamant Orb, 1 Viridian Épée, 1 Nightmare Shroud, 1 Hyperspace Ring, 1 Eclipse Flute Megastones 1 Celebite Q,1 Charizardite X, 1 Charizardite Y, 1 Flygonite Q, 1 Froslassite Q, 1 Garchompite, 1 Gyaradosite, 1 Haxorite Q, 1 Latiasite, 1 Lugianite Q, 1 Mawilite, 1 Milotite Q, 1 Swampertite, 1 Sylveonite Q, 1 Korokunite Q Z Crystals 1 Steelium Fragment, 1 Steelium Z Form change 2 Rain Jewel, 2 Sun Jewel, 6 Fan SP, 2 Frost SP, 1 Heat SP, 2 Mow SP, 2 Wash SP, 3 Bindi, 4 King's Shield, 4 X-Ray Specs, Prison Bottle, 1 Blue Orb Fossils 3 Helix, 1 Old Amber, 1 Claw, 1 Cover, 1 Jaw, 1 Sail Plates 1 Flame, 1 Splash, 1 Zap, 1 Meadow, 1 Icicle, 2 Toxic, 2 Earth, 1 Sky, 1 Mind, 1 Insect, 1 Stone, 1 Iron, 2 Dread, 2 Pixie Med gems 2 normal, 17 fire, 19 water, 11 electric, 22 grass, 30 ice, 16 fighting, 19 poison, 18 ground, 37 flying, 14 pyschic, 31 bug, 18 rock, 21 ghost, 15 dragon, 41 dark, 15 steel, 19 fairy
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Would you accept 100 ZC per crystal and 10 ZC per fragment? If so could I buy all of them except for your Fire and steel ones? For a total of 850 ZC if I did my math right?
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kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
Would you be willing to do 130 ZC for each Z crystal and 15 zc for each fragment?
No sorry, I only buy at those prices. As I'm looking for a lot to complete my collection.
kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
I guess i can sell them for that then. Gonna sell my Rockium Z crystal and fragments to someone else
Maetis's AvatarMaetis
Maetis's Avatar
Hi, your Order's Crest for 45zc?
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buying for 45zc
kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
Sure. Ill send a trade.
Silver-Sün's AvatarSilver-Sün
Silver-Sün's Avatar
50 ZC for that Black Stone?
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kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
Sure. Ill send a trade
MewIchigo21's AvatarMewIchigo21
MewIchigo21's Avatar
50zc for your Ruby Orb?
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