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POLL: Would you rather know?

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Kyozoku's AvatarKyozoku
Kyozoku's Avatar
So I have the Tampermonkey script that sorts fields by prefered berries. Whenever I see a Pokemon in a "wrong field" (i.e the field says it's for Spicy, but I spot a Dry), I send them a PM letting them know. I've always thought that if it was my fields, I'd want to know. But also, I'm thinking it could be rather irritating to people. So here's my question. If it was your fields, would you want the PM letting you know? Or would you rather it be left alone?
i'd rather them just leave it honestly. some of my fields are getting full and i don't have enough credits to buy more, so, like... i'm aware XD
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
I always appreciate those kinds of PMs! I like to have everything in its proper place and I have so many fields its a bit difficult for me to check every single one of them to make sure its all correct ^^;;;;
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Im busy trying to organize my fields rn so all of them are messed up :D Otherwise, though, I'd appreciate it! Less because I really care a lot about how organized the fields are and more because it's nice to take the time to let someone know.
I am not someone that gets super annoyed by PMs. So I wouldn't mind either way, really. I kind of forget they exist sometimes, since my PMs are usually super quiet.
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Terabbit's AvatarTerabbit
Terabbit's Avatar
See im ij the position where id either find it annoying or helpful depending in the field. If i have a wishforge thats 39/40 sweet and you see a bitter and pm me to let me know. Id appreciate that. But i also own a million fields that are labeled incorrectly and i dont plan on fixing anytine soon because its a hassle to do so. So if you pmd me becauze i had a field labelled dry and it had a little bit of everything then thays obviously just a field that's not linger organized but the name wasnt changed. Thats just my opinion haha
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