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Abyss Forest RP

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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
"Because.. I didn't want to get in the way of your friendship." She said.
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Bitter food
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“I brought you over there so we could hang out as a group and you just left... I want to hang out wi the three of us, I want to hang out, but I don’t want to ignore the other as well. So let’s all socialize together! *she suggests*
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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
- Maddi - "Ok.." She says, standing up.
*Espy nuzzles Maddi giving her a rare looking berry*
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
- Maddi - She pats Espy and takes the berry. "Thank you." She said, saving it for later. She walked back over to June.
*Espy follows*
detse's Avatardetse
detse's Avatar
Detsu finally came out of his tree. He started getting hungry and decided to venture off to look for some more berries.
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detse's Avatardetse
detse's Avatar
Detsu had been gone for almost a week, but he returned. He held 2 massive sacks of berries and laid them both on the ground as he laid down. He tried to call out,'Free food for everyone!' but he was exhausted. He curled up and passed out.
fluferson's Avatarfluferson
fluferson's Avatar
Bud bounced seeing the food happily, she looked at him worried
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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Wish flew around and saw Destu asleep and used their power to lift him up and place him somewhere much more comfortable.
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Pages: 123··· 161162163164165··· 185186187

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