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Abyss Forest RP set up

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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Hello and welcome!
Welcome to Abyss Forest where pokemon and trainers alike roam in this great forest!
Everywhere you look there are trees. There is a pond and streams that come from the pond. A base camp is located in the middle. It is where everyone comes when they first begin.
My name is Willow, I am the Giratina that you see in front of you, and I welcome you to a place that is friendly and welcome to all!
Let's get to some important things now, yeah?


You must be respectful to everyone! Please be paitent while I have to get everybody in! Please keep it kid friendly, pg 13 In order to fight other players, yes this is a thing you can do here, you must ask me, Willow or Cresent, in the rp for a friendly match! All pokemon and humans are welcome! May they be a ratata or a Arceus! (Even though Willow hates them) We even allow Delta and cross/mixbreeds! PLEASE subscribe to both this forum and the rp! You may add as many characters to the rp as you like! If you add more than four, we would like you to add a human to the mix, to spice things up! Wish or Willow MUST BRING THEM to the Camp, otherwise the Camp will seem invisible to everyone! If the characters are not used within a month, they will be seen as not used and the forest will remove them. We do not want anyone worring about this rp, so if you cannot write in a month's time, please contact me through pms. Thank you for understanding. Follow these rules and have fun!
I am not the only one here; please meet Wish! They help out with whatever you need! Hello! My name is Wish, and I am a Jirachi! My purpose here is to help everyone. I also set up the base camp and give food to everyone! If you are ever in need of help, find me in the base camp or around the Star tree! The Star tree is a big tree with a Star floating above it. It is where I live. There's also Cresent here, too! Say hello to him too! Hello! My name is Cresent and I am a Absol! I am a shiny mega Absol and am a little rude to people and pokemon. Don't worry, I'm only rude to those I first meet. I am the one who you can fight against for spars and matches. I will also help protect the area. We also have a Celeby here! Be sure to say hello to them when you see 'em! Hello! My name is Ruby and I am the one responsible for changing the times around here! I am a shiny Celebi, if you wished to know. Willow, Wish, Cresent and I all know about my special ability and thus have given me the role of changing the times! You can see me flying through the air and if you can fly, don't be shy to say hello! I change the times from Night to afternoon and afternoon to morning and morning to night!


Willow (Giratina, controlled by Dragonpipe) Wish (Jirachi, controlled by Dragonpipe) Blaze (Litten, controlled by BunnoBlizzard) Pira (Espurr, controlled by BunnoBlizzard) Espy (Espeon, controlled by TimelessDialga) Kindle (Flareon, controlled by CottonEevee) Micho (Miccino, controlled by CottonEevee) Snow (Glaceon, controlled by TimelessDialga) Midnight (Umbreon, controlled by SavageKidGamer) Dragina (Eevee, controlled by SavageKidGamer) Abby (Sylveon, controlled by SavageKidGamer) Neeks (Deino, controlled by snail.bug) Daniel (Zorua, controlled by DanielTheCake)
Please fill out this form so we can get you in! It should be around here somewhere.. Character name: Species (human or pokemon): Gender: Apperence: Anything else you'd like to say?: Here is the rp! https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/300326/Abyss-Forest-RP
Pfp made by uwuDETSUuwu on Picrew! It is made for my use only! My Rp! :3 My Story! My art shop! Hey! Could you please click these guys while you're clicking around?
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BunnoBlizzard's AvatarBunnoBlizzard
BunnoBlizzard's Avatar
Character name: Blaze Species (human or pokemon): Litten Gender: Female Apperence: Basic litten that wears a red feather behind her ear Anything else you'd like to say?: Heyo again :3 Character name: Pira Species (human or pokemon): Espurr Gender: Female Apperence: Basic espurr that wears a small necklace with a diamond heart at the end Anything else you'd like to say?: She's really quiet and some think she might start becoming mute soon.
! Please click Dragonpipe! Pochi made my Avatar for my use only :3
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Both are eccepted! Here is the rp to get started! And please subscribe to both this forum and the rp! Thank you!!
Name: Espy Species: An Espeon(For once not a shiny may I mention) Gender: Female Appearance: A normal Espeon
Avatar made my crysta302 for my use only!
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Please use the form for adding a pokemon/human! I'll accept it, but please use the actual form next time! Thank you. You may both start roleplaying!!
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Character name: Kindle Species (human or pokemon): Flareon Gender: Female Apperence: Just a normal Flareon, but has a bracelet on her front right paw made of cooled magma and has an empty slot that a stone could be put into. Anything else you'd like to say?: Hewoo :D
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I'm a she/they and pan
Not taken, but please don't flirt!
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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Accepted! Welcome to Abyss Forest! You can head on over now if you so choose! Please make sure you subscribe to this forum and the rp! Thank you!
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Also am including new oc :D Character name: Micho (pronounced mee-cho) Species (human or pokemon): Minccino Gender: Female Apperence: A Minccino slightly smaller than your average one; has a big pink bow on her tail. Anything else you'd like to say?: very very shy, gets hungry a bit more than usual. acts like a little kid or little sister.
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Accepted! We welcome Micho to the Abyss Forest!
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
We are adding another Character to the mix! Hello! My name is Cresent and I am a Absol! I am a shiny mega Absol and am a little rude to people and pokemon. Don't worry, I'm only rude to those I first meet. I am the one who you can fight against for spars and matches. I will also help protect the area.

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