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WeirdoNumber1's AvatarWeirdoNumber1
WeirdoNumber1's Avatar
So I wanna evolve my Eevee into Sylveon and her affection is maxed out but it's still saying that I can evolve her into Espeon. Is there something I've done wrong?
Gyro Lennox's AvatarGyro Lennox
Gyro Lennox's Avatar
If you place the Eevee into a field it dislikes then that will drop its happiness. This should sort out the issue you have but it will take a bit of time. (No idea if there is quicker ways to drop happiness).
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WeirdoNumber1's AvatarWeirdoNumber1
WeirdoNumber1's Avatar
Right, do you know which field normal types dislike? Also I've heard that trading works but given I would be extremely lucky if I ever see my Eevee again, so it that is the case I'll have to trust trade with my friend whenever she gets up
Mischevious's AvatarMischevious
Mischevious's Avatar
I can actually trade with you, if you'd like :)
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WeirdoNumber1's AvatarWeirdoNumber1
WeirdoNumber1's Avatar
If you're okay with it then sure ^^ Oh nevermind, my friend came on she'll be able to trust trade with me || Mod Edit - Posts Merged ||

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