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mysterious message in daycare

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i have a pincurchin and a cofagrigus in the daycare because i wanted a pincurchin for my eggdex and i was trying out potential breeding pairs so that i could get one quicker and i got strange message for this pairing: “(!) This couple may produce something unexpected!” does anyone know what this means? i asked my friend who’s more knowledgable about pokefarm but they didn’t know. all the eggs i’ve gotten from them so far seemed normal (i had to release the yamask eggs since they’ll break my chain) but because the pairing has a very low egg rate i haven’t actually gotten to see many eggs from them yet.
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Considering you are breeding what I assume is a male cofagrigus and a female pincurchin, the unexpected Pokémon in this case is Galarian Yamask. For galarian regional variants, you have to breed a male Pokémon with a Galarian forme with a compatible female Galarian Pokémon.
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interesting! thank you very much i was wondering if that had anything to with it. =)

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