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S/A/M Legend & E/V Pricing

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Not sure if this would have been better suited for the discussion, so I'm sorry if it is. But I've been so stressed trying to figure this out lol. So, I know the basic DP price of S/A/Ms, but what about pricing for S/A/M Legends and Events? According to the DP pricing, most legends fall under the 30,720 EHP- meaning a shiny should 'theoretically' sell for 48zc based off DP price, but let's be honest, no one in their right mind is going to sell a shiny legend for 48zc lol. I know pricing will change based off pricing of summons (a special Jirachi isn't going to be worth the same as a special Arceus), but whats the lowest and highest you think a special legend should be sold at? And also, what's with E/V pricing? I've seen 30-40zc as a base price for most S/A Events without much (if any) of a difference in pricing between shinies and albinos. I'm guessing this is just the norm? So if events don't follow the DP pricing either, what's the average price of a melanin E/V? I need to know this stuff O_O It's killing me!
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