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nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
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Current trades

Note: You can always pay in equivelant currency! Conversion rate: 5k/5/1. Calculator: pfq.eltafez.com/calculator/currencyconversion

Pokémon trades

  1. Lots of S/A/Ds! Check my "Specials are UFT" field! (Currently: Shiny Mudkip, Shiny Houndoom, Delta Jigglypuff @ level 90 (rounded))- price is 10% below DP prices.
    Selling fast- buy while you can!

Item trades

  1. Trading small amounts of gems. Primarily looking for fire, steal, and normal, but am open to other offers.

Past trades (long)

  1. 14th of February, 2021 - my mewistic for 125 gp (50% less than another user selling!) NOTE: please inquire if still available via pms before posting, i may sell this one elsewhere
  2. 14th of February, 2021 - bold nature female mewistic for 125gp or equiv.
  3. 14th of February, 2021 - hardy nature male mewistic for 125gp or equiv.
  4. 14th of February, 2021 - up to 3 pokemon from my specials fields, first come first serve, not going to be selling out more than 3 (if you buy more than 1, you get a 5% discount on the prices- this deal only lasts for 2 days)
  5. 15th of Febuary, 2021 - S/A/Ds - go to my "Specials" field- are UFT! (lasts for 2 more days)


Yes, NootCredits do apply here. Copying this from NootStore PWYW Templates.
TL;DR: You get NootCredits (worth 1 ZC) as cashback (10% of cost) for each item you purchase, and can use them to buy more items.

Show more

NootCredit (or NC) is a credit for my store; basically, each time you make a purchase, you can get some NC, or get it in a giveaway, and you can use it in addition to PFQ currencies when purchasing from this store. Each time you make a purchase at NootStore, you will receive 10% back (rounded down) in NootCredit, which you can use if you want to shop again. If you order more than one item, you will get NootCredit for each item and can use it to help pay for the other items or pay in the future. Note that if you order one item, the NootCredit you will recieve for that single item doesn't apply to the immediate cost (you'll have to make another purchase or order another item to utilize it)- but it does is if you order 2 or more items! Each NootCredit is worth one Zophan Canister at NootStore.
Totomew's AvatarTotomew
Totomew's Avatar
May I grab the Bold/Female Mewistic for 125k Credits please? :D
Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
Hi! May I buy the male mewistic please? :3 Paying with gps
nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
nootsushi's Avatar
sure thing! send trades :D
RøséPotter's AvatarRøséPotter
RøséPotter's Avatar
could i get these? i believe its about 70 gp https://pfq.link/?lyv9q https://pfq.link/?hz-t2
nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
nootsushi's Avatar
sure, just send the trades!
nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
nootsushi's Avatar
Everything's sold out, but this will be transferred to a shop soon, and more items will be added. Thank you, come again!
nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
nootsushi's Avatar
We're back :D (is this double-posting? please tell me if it is, i'm still not 100% sure how the rules work here :3)
NamesGølden's AvatarNamesGølden
NamesGølden's Avatar
Hello friend, May I sell 5 of my sweet hearts to you for 1,250 CR?

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LF: RTE Dragon and Steel types + Pichus and Eevees, Send a labelled trade along with a offer First Auction! Link
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Type race Score Panel made by LycanKai, Post here.
nootsushi's Avatarnootsushi
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sure thing!

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