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Valentines Day Team Up

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Yzrch's AvatarYzrch
Yzrch's Avatar
Its come to my realization that I don't really have any close friends on this game to ask to help me with the Valentine's Day Event. Can/would anyone like to help me with the event? :)
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aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
you could send sweet hearts to random users and they might return it :p
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Yzrch's AvatarYzrch
Yzrch's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by aud.rey

you could send sweet hearts to random users and they might return it :p
I'll take your advice!
TheUltimateF's AvatarTheUltimateF
TheUltimateF's Avatar
same on the friends.
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Hitomebore's AvatarHitomebore
Hitomebore's Avatar
Same situation. No friends, nobody to send presents to each other... UPD: Got a meowstic from someone! Guess it's time to do the same for another person.
Mischevious's AvatarMischevious
Mischevious's Avatar
I know a few users who are spamming sweethearts to random people :Looks at self, then whistles: :^ Dozens of sweethearts coming your way!
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Dalgonlily's AvatarDalgonlily
Dalgonlily's Avatar
Happy Single Awareness Day >.< Edit: got a kitty :3 <3 Sending random people and type race team members sweethearts is what I usually do...(and if you're willing to gift as well, put it in your status :3)
I love dextrading! Feel free to PM me about it, I'm trying to fill my pokedex and shinydex! Thanks for the awesome siggy Wardove! Avi by Zerobold!
Anyone interested in a Meowstic? I'm hoping to get both of the sprites. Edit: Please stop sending me Meowstics
TundraKitsune's AvatarTundraKitsune
TundraKitsune's Avatar
Yeah, I'm lonely too :') Well, might as well send some sweet hearts to folks here :D
KizuKisho's AvatarKizuKisho
KizuKisho's Avatar
I saved up about 700,000 credits and I need someone to use it all to buy me sweethearts. (I really wish you werent limited to 12..) any help?
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