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hello! welcome to my journal! i'm mike! i'm 17, autistic, gay, and love infernape and its pre-evolutions more than anyone you have ever met or will ever meet. i also like sinnoh, for presumably obvious reasons at this point. what's my journal name mean? "scribbled out in red" refers to my pokesona, an infernape with a red scribbly void over its face. "392" is infernape's national pokedex number. i'd also like to note that i might post more pg-13 art (nothing graphic) or art with darker themes (nothing extreme). these are gonna hideboxed for obvious reasons. all of the art i post here is mine unless i explicitly say otherwise my journal may include:
  • doodles
  • serious art, maybe, sometimes, don't count on it
  • the anguish that pfq brings me
  • idk, maybe comic stuff if i feel like it
want to talk to me about something i said here? feel free to shoot me a PM! if you wanna respond to something i said in my journal, i'd like to ask you to not quote my posts in your journal unless we actively speak to each other one-on-one. it makes me uncomfortable otherwise. my actual online name is mike-princeofstars! it doesn't fit in pfq's character limit! on pretty much everywhere else you'll either find me as mike-princeofstars or mikestarprince depending on the dumb username character limit. or maybe mike_princeofstars if they don't allow dashes. it depends! point is, i have the same username everywhere. more importantly, my toyhou.se username is mike_princeofstars. and here's my pokecharms trainer card! it has no real point, just shows what pokemon i like using. can you tell i like sinnoh?

oh, and btw, this is what my farm name is referencing

Combusting Soda

Summon Item (: 0)
A very shaken can of soda with an ominous flame surrounding it. You feel like even looking at it funny will cause the can to violently explode all of its sugary contents out. Opening this can will cause Mike to teleport to your location, harassing you until you give it to him.
code by aud.rey, sprite by me, 4 my use only, tho i did use the lemonade sprite as a base
  • Misc.
  • Important Mons
i'm mike. it/its
or he/him. credits | journal | art problems comic


first shiny hatched on 10/5/2019 first albino hatched on 9/29/2019 arceus rank first gained on 2/13/2020 first egg won in tournament on 2/29/2020 (valimp) first melanistic hatched on 3/3/2020 first pokerus on 3/21/2020 first wishalloy badge on 10/30/2020 (poison)


interactions in a day record: 115,486 on 10/12/2020 rus count: 10 eggs hatched in a day record: 420 on 10/12/2020


female pokemon > genderless pokemon > male pokemon sweet natures > spicy/dry natures > sour/bitter/any natures fighting deltas > ice deltas > fire deltas > other delta types


for most feminine-looking pokemon, like butterfly pokemon or most fairy types, i prefer their male versions. with natures, it usually depends on the pokemon itself and its base stats. i prefer sweet natures on average/speedy pokemon, i prefer spicy natures on physical attacking pokemon, and i prefer dry natures on special attacking pokemon. i also prefer timid on special attackers and jolly on physical attackers. usually for deltas i'll take literally any aesthetic delta, but fighting, ice, and fire are my preferences.

favorite mons


gen 1 starter: gen 2 starter: gen 3 starter: gen 4 starter: gen 5 starter: gen 6 starter: gen 7 starter: gen 8 starter: legendary: mythical: eeveelution: pseudo-legendary: regional bird: regional rodent: pikaclone:
FAKEMON NOT FROM PFQ minisprites in this section credited to pokemon uranium's artists FAVORITE PFQ FAKEMON

QUOTE originally posted by Colorful

Hello! My computer exploded as soon as I got out of bed and I've spent all day fixing it......... well..... ahem. Anyways. Sorry this is so late! using a backup computer now In order to adjust an image's size, you'll want to start out with a styleclass. The style class name can be anything (but cannot use spaces! I suggest using one word always).
Under (or above, depends on your preference) all your content, you'll want to open your style tags like so;
[style] [/style]
Then, you'll want to insert your actual styling of the css; this can be done in many ways. I suggest only adjusting either the width OR height, and setting the other to auto so that your image scales correctly. You can do this with the actual pixel sizing of the image;
[style] .style_class_name { width: 100px; height: auto; } [/style]
Or you can do this with a percentage, which is generally more mobile friendly. (As far as I know, you cannot go above 100%. If you want the image larger then it's actual size, you can use pixels for that, like shown above!).
[style] .style_class_name { width: 50%; height: auto; } [/style]

I hope this made sense to you! If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post again here <3

future legend shiny hunts (probably not)

future melan hunts

future melan hunts for gems


finished melan hunts, chronologically

melans i own but didn't hatch

melans i've hatched but don't own anymore

paused hunts

pause reason: TR 715h/13s/9a/0m start: 6/5/2020 paused: 6/14/2020

snom bait that is NOT free to use, go away

extremely outdated since i drew this in june 2020, but drawn by me, for snompeito and my use only
pause reason: boredom melan riolu 1195h/24s/23a/0m troll parties: 3 1/13/2021-1/20/2021. 1/27/2021-2/4/2021 pause reason: slug time melan chimchar 1000h/12s/17h/0m troll parties: 2 3/8/2021-3/19/2021. 3/27/2021-4/8/2021.
MELAN SHOWCASE! <3 i do already have my melans listed in my hunt list post, but why not have a convenient place to show them all off? here's all of em! oh, and some other non-melan but still cool pokemon. MELANS: NON-MELAN BUT STILL COOL:
MONKEY HOARD my monkey hoard, my hoard of monkeys, my hoard that consists entirely of monkeys. the monkey hoard. i assure you i do not have a problem. if you ask if you can buy any of these, i will kick you in the shins! IMPORTANT NORMAL MONKEYS MELAN MONKEYS ALBINO MONKEYS

there are a lot of them!


there are a lot of them!

What Song is the Lyric in My Trainer Card From? if i don't have an embedded youtube link then the song's not kid-friendly. as of 11:35, 4/4/2021 server time bubble gum by clairo
POKÉSONA STUFF images not drawn by me link to the person who drew them

art from other people


Unnecessarily Difficult Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

MAIN RULE: NO POKEMON WITH A BASE STAT TOTAL HIGHER THAN 475. i will always attempt to catch a pokemon that has or evolves into something with a base stat total at or lower than 475. if i cannot catch a pokemon that meets these requirements, my capture can never evolve into the stage that would make its base stat total go above 475.

Ruleset I Made For Myself

also dupes clause, shiny clause, and if i physically cannot encounter anything that'll evolve into something with a BST of 475, i just can't evolve that pokemon.


starter: route 1: hau'oli outskirts: trainer's school: hau'oli city:


Saucy Platinum Nuzlocke

no special rules this time. just a nuzlocke i'm streaming to jirachi, xay, and meri. they decided on most of the names here. it's horrible. why did i call it "saucy"? because this is the name that the three of them decided on


starter: route 201: lake verity: route 202: (route 203 was a zubat that tapatio got a critical hit on.) route 204: ravaged path: oreburgh gate: route 207: (oreburgh mine was an onix that broke out of every single pokeball i had.)


(by meri) (by meri) (by meri)


Queso the Psyduck

Level 4-7 wild starly landing a critical hit tackle on route 202 when we were grinding and queso was already on low HP
FAKEMON INFODUMPS one day i'll condense this.

Tsvemus, Dipokorat, Kryserica (Grass Starters)

originally posted: july 18th 2020

Base Stats

Tsvemus HP: 45 Attack: 70 Defense: 50 Special Attack: 45 Special Defense: 50 Speed: 50 Base Stat Total: 310 Dipokorat HP: 65 Attack: 90 Defense: 80 Special Attack: 55 Special Defense: 80 Speed: 50 Base Stat Total: 420 Kryserica HP: 85 Attack: 120 Defense: 110 Special Attack: 50 Special Defense: 100 Speed: 70 Base Stat Total: 535

General Info That Isn't Lore-Related

Tsvemus Flower Mouse Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: SVEH-muhs Grass Type Evolves into Dipokorat at level 17 Height: 1'4" (0.4 m) Weight: 4.9 lbs (2.2 kg) Ability: Overgrow Hidden Ability: Hustle Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Field Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Tsvetok (Russian for "Flower") + Mus (Mouse) Dipokorat Flower Mouse Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: die-paw-KOH-rat Grass Type Evolves from Tsvemus at level 17, and evolves into Kryserica at level 34 Height: 3'3" (1.0 m) Weight: 47.6 lbs (21.6 kg) Ability: Overgrow Hidden Ability: Hustle Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Field Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Dipodomys (Genus of kangaroo rats) + Kopat (Russian for "Digging") + Rat Kryserica Peach Rat Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: kree-seh-REE-kuh Grass/Steel Type Evolves from Dipokorat at level 34. Final form of Tsvemus Height: 5'11" (1.8 m) Weight: 213.8 lbs (97 kg) Ability: Overgrow Hidden Ability: Sheer Force Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Field Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Krysa (Russian for "Rat") + Persica (Prunus Persica, the scientific name of the peach tree)

Level-up Moveset

Tsvemus Start: Scratch Start: Tail Whip 5: Leafage 8: Bite 14: Metal Claw (you don't care what it learns after evolution) Dipokorat Start: Scratch Start: Tail Whip 5: Leafage 8: Bite 14: Metal Claw 18: Razor Leaf 24: Crush Claw 27: Curse 32: Super Fang (read above) Kryserica Start: Scratch Start: Tail Whip 5: Leafage 8: Bite 14: Metal Claw 18: Razor Leaf 24: Crush Claw 27: Curse 32: Super Fang 34/Evo: Needle Arm 40: Body Slam 44: Iron Head 47: Crunch 53: Play Rough 59: Leaf Blade 64: Synthesis 64: Aromatherapy 70: Power Whip

Lore Stuff

Tsvemus, like all starter Pokemon, has a natural ability to form bonds with humans.
again, headcanon
Tsvemus is curious, playful, yet skittish. It loves sunlight and Tsvemus is very hard to convince to come inside during the spring and summer. Tsvemus doesn't require a lot of food, since it mostly photosynthesizes instead. If Tsvemus is sick or dehydrated, the flower on its tail wilts, which freaks it out and can cause the health issue to get worse. When Tsvemus is sleepy, it tries to dig a hole in the ground to make a temporary burrow. Tsvemus' claws might be small, but they're very sharp and can leave both its opponents and trainer with nasty scratches. It uses them mostly in hope of giving its assailants infections, since the digging at night makes Tsvemus' claws dirty. Tsvemus has great hearing, and likes eavesdropping on people due to its curious nature. Dipokorat's claws are longer, and has started to grow a peach on its tail. It's very unripe, so the peach is green, and the flower's petals are still there. In the wild, Dipokorat digs very often in order to wake up the young Tsvemus under its care, who have buried themselves. This is a trait retained in captivity, despite that this is no longer necessary. It will try to dig into your blanket and mattress instead, and is one of the most difficult Grass-type starter Pokemon to train, in stark contrast to its easy-going pre-evolution. Dipokorat takes on a bossy and arrogant persona, and enforces strict rules on its teammates and trainer, naively thinking that they will actually listen to it. It's best to just play along. Dipokorat thinks it knows best, and trying to make it think otherwise won't yield any results. Dipokorat is still very affectionate to those it trusts. Dipokorat requires more food than its pre-evolution, and tries to share its food, usually seeds and grain, with its friends. Dipokorat, despite its strict attitude, is selfless and will deliberately put itself in danger for the sake of its friends. This behavior often leads to Dipokorat evolving. Kryserica has gained a Steel typing from its massive claws, solid tail, and sharp incisors now made from metal. Kryserica moves slower than its pre-evolutions, mostly because it doesn't have much of a reason to move so fast anymore. Its large size and tough skin allows it to shrug off small hits. The peach on Kryserica's tail is now fully ripe, and is one of Kryserica's most prominent weapons as a blunt object. If the peach is damaged, Kryserica doesn't feel any pain, but grows back the injured parts of the peach. This includes bruising. Kryserica retains its strict behavior from its days as a Dipokorat, but it's now far more kind towards those it loves. Kryserica has a very no-nonsense attitude. If you threaten Kryserica's allies, you will face Kryserica's sheer unbridled fury, including but not limited to attacks from Kryserica's massive claws. It would not spare you for a second if it thought you endangered those it cared for. Kryserica threatens its friends with this sort of attitude if they don't eat in a while or don't sleep when they should, but it's just bluffing in those cases. It doesn't get along with Fighting-type Pokemon for this reason, as they often strain themselves in order to heighten their strength. Kryserica can grow small peaches from the flower on its head, which it will offer to those in need. These don't have the poison-curing abilities of Pecha berries, but they're just as sweet and nutritious. Kryserica will not listen to anyone who refuses the offer of a fresh peach, and will force them to accept it. Out of fear, they usually give up and listen. Only female Kryserica can produce peaches with pits in the center. Otherwise, the peaches will don the same hollow pocket as Pecha berries. The pits from a female Kryserica's peaches are essentially useless, as they won't produce any trees. Kryserica is a natural botanist, and takes care of fruit-producing plants just as strictly as it takes care of Pokemon and people. Kryserica in ancient times was percieved as a beacon of spring, as it's more active when the weather is warm and sunny.

Flarink, Blazerpent, Coalquetz (Fire Starters)

originally posted: july 9th 2020

Base Stats

Flarink HP: 41 Attack: 64 Defense: 45 Special Attack: 65 Special Defense: 40 Speed: 65 Base Stat Total: 310 Blazerpent HP: 45 Attack: 90 Defense: 50 Special Attack: 95 Special Defense: 45 Speed: 95 Base Stat Total: 420 Coalquetz HP: 55 Attack: 100 Defense: 75 Special Attack: 120 Special Defense: 65 Speed: 120 Base Stat Total: 535

General Info That Isn't Lore Related

Flarink Lava Skink Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: flair-INK Fire Type Evolves into Blazerpent at level 17 Length: 2'4" (0.7 m) Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) Ability: Blaze Hidden Ability: Drought Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Dragon Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Flare + Skink Blazerpent Lava Snake Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: blah-ZERR-pent Fire Type Evolves from Flarink at level 17, and evolves into Coalquetz at level 34. Length: 5'3" (1.6 m) Weight: 37.5 lbs (17 kg) Ability: Blaze Hidden Ability: Drought Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Dragon Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Blaze + Serpent Coalquetz Lava Glider Pokemon Starter Pokemon Pronunciation: KOHL-kehtz Fire/Fairy Type Evolves from Coalquetz at level 34. Final form of Flarink. Length: 11'10" (3.6 m) Weight: 70.1 lbs (31.8 kg) Ability: Blaze Hidden Ability: Drought Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Dragon Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Corruption of "Quetzalcoatl" + Coal

Level-up Moveset

Flarink Start: Tackle Start: Growl 5: Ember 8: Disarming Voice 14: Fire Spin (you don't care what it learns past the level it evolves at.) Blazerpent Start: Tackle Start: Growl 5: Ember 8: Disarming Voice 14: Fire Spin 19: Coil 23: Glare 27: Smog 31: Power Gem (read above) Coalquetz Start: Tackle Start: Growl 5: Ember 8: Disarming Voice 14: Fire Spin 19: Coil 23: Glare 27: Smog 31: Power Gem 34/Evo: Lava Plume 39: Dazzling Gleam 43: Razor Wind 48: Moonblast 52: Slash 58: Flamethrower 64: Clear Smog 70: Fire Blast

Lore Stuff

Flarink, like all starter Pokemon, has a natural ability to form bonds with humans.
yes this is just a headcanon
However, Flarink has a more humorous reason for liking humans. It likes the body heat people give off. For this same reason, Flarink gets along best with other Fire-type Pokemon, and dislikes Ice-type Pokemon. When Flarink knows a heat source is nearby, or it's hot outside, Flarink will skitter around happily on the ground. Flarink keeps its hind legs in the air out of habit and is able to walk with only its forelegs. It lowers its legs to run at high speeds for such a small, low to the ground creature, at speeds of around 25 mph (40 kmh). Flarink's lava is unable to harden, as it needs the extra heat to give it energy and keep it moving. The lava cooling isn't deadly, it just makes Flarink sleepy. Blazerpent's hind legs get much smaller, and it grows claws made out of lava. It grows feathers, and a hardened section of lava rock that frames its new wings. These wings are very small, and Blazerpent can't fly for too long. Blazerpent can harden the rest of its wings whenever it sleeps, but not the rest of the lava on its body. It's playful and enjoys company, much to the dismay of any Pokemon or human unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of Blazerpent's pranks that usually involves lava or fire. The feathers on Blazerpent's body have ignited upon evolution, and are a permanent source of fuel to expel excess heat. Coalquetz is nicknamed the Sunset Serpent for its tendency to fly at its highest speeds during the dawn or evening, rushing out to enjoy the day, or rushing back to its den for rest, respectively. Its maximum speed is 240 mph (386 kmh) when it dives, and its regular flight is at 75 mph (120 kmh). Its colors also resemble the pink evening sky. Coalquetz' evolution awoke untapped power inside of it, invoking its new Fairy type. Coalquetz' fairy typing is ingrained into its mischievous yet kind personality. It still plays childish pranks like its pre-evolution, though it now understands that lava tends to hurt. It understands, and it does not care. Coalquetz is very vocal for a snake Pokemon, rubbing its scales together, rattling the fiery club on its tail, and hissing. These noises aren't always for intimidation. Unlike Ekans, the rattle is to get attention, and then point. It simply rubs its scales together as something similar to laughter, and hissing is used for regular intimidation reasons. Coalquetz still has a habit of scaring its friends with noises meant for positivity, much to its annoyance. Coalquetz flapping its wings is by Coalquetz spontaneously melting and hardening the rock framing its wings. Despite how playful Coalquetz is, it has a very fierce disposition when in battle, or trying to scare off an opponent. When scared, flapping its wings to spread lava is just a facade even though it wouldn't care if its assailant was hurt, but when in a genuine fight this is an actual attack and part of how it uses Lava Plume. Its lava is used for more than just Fire-type moves. The light emitted from them is how it uses Fairy-type moves and Power Gem. Razor Wind is from Coalquetz flapping its wings, which makes Razor Wind effectively similar to Heat Wave. Coalquetz has a habit of trying to grab its trainer's arm to drag them around to a location. Trainers should not let it do this, for obvious reasons. The lava is hot enough to cause 4th degree burns instantly. Coalquetz' lava is at relatively low temperatures compared to other Fire-type Pokemon's flames, at 2200° F (1250° C), compared to a Flareon's 3000° F flames, but the danger should not be understated.

Souvemari, Matrimori

originally posted: july 6th 2020

Base Stats

Souvemari HP: 50 Attack: 25 Defense: 46 Special Attack: 74 Special Defense: 60 Speed: 75 Base Stat Total: 330 Matrimori HP: 75 Attack: 45 Defense: 72 Special Attack: 123 Special Defense: 95 Speed: 125 Base Stat Total: 535

General Info That Isn't Lore Related

Souvemari Petal Thrower Pokemon Baby Pokemon Pronunciation: soo-veh-MAH-ree Fairy Type Evolves into Matrimori when levelled up with 2 levels of affection at night Height: 1'8" (0.5 m) Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg) Ability: Oblivious Hidden Ability: Magic Guard Gender Ratio: 100% Female Catch Rate: 180 Wild Held Item: White Herb (50%), Power Herb (5%) Egg Group: Undiscovered (Baby Pokemon) Base Experience Yield: 48 Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Souvenir (relating to memory) + Marry Matrimori Bridal Pokemon Pronunciation: mah-tree-MORE-ee Ghost/Fairy Type Evolves from Souvemari when levelled up with 2 levels of affection at night Height: 5'3" (1.6 m) Weight: 41.2 lbs (18.7 kg) Ability: Memory Veil (Retains stat changes when switched in and out of battle) Hidden Ability: Magic Guard Gender Ratio: 100% Female Catch Rate: 45 Wild Held Item: None Egg Group: Human-Like Base Experience Yield: 209 Growth Rate: Medium Slow Name Origin: Matrimony + Memento Mori (meaning "remember death")

Level-up Moveset

Souvemari Start: Pound Start: Play Nice 3: Disarming Voice 6: Astonish 10: Sweet Kiss 13: Night Shade 16: Sleep Powder 19: Ominous Wind (baby pokemon dont typically have a lot of level-up moves) Matrimori Start: Pound Start: Play Nice 3: Disarming Voice 6: Astonish 10: Sweet Kiss 13: Night Shade 16: Sleep Powder 19: Ominous Wind 24: Draining Kiss 28: Hex 34: Curse 34: Captivate 38: Petal Blizzard 42: Moonblast 48: Petal Dance 53: Shadow Ball 59: Destiny Bond 65: Memento

Lore Stuff

Matrimori have two ways of forming. Either when a Souvemari evolves, or if a woman dies on her wedding day, similar to Yamask. If formed the latter way, Matrimori will remember everything about her wedding day. Who she was going to marry, her bridesmaids, her guests, who she purposefully didn't invite, the location, even the flavor of the wedding cake. Because of this, Matrimori can be a very vengeful Pokemon, despite its kind, albeit quiet disposition. Matrimori can often be found hiding in the shadows at weddings, making sure nothing tragic happens. If the wedding goes wrong, or the bride is harmed in any way, Matrimori will wreak havoc. If a Matrimori sees the person she was going to marry, she'll stay out of their sight, in order to not upset them. If a Matrimori was simply formed from a Souvemari evolving, Matrimori will be a very kind, loving Pokemon, innocently floating about and spreading flower petals wherever she goes. Often, Matrimori formed from a bride's death will refuse to take on another partner as a Pokemon, but Matrimori that evolved are eager to dote on their potential new families. Matrimori get along very well with humans, but married or engaged women should be careful about Matrimori getting clingy and overprotective. In extraordinarily rare cases, a pair of Matrimori will live together monogamously, and have some of the most functional relationships seen in any Pokemon. It's speculated that these pairs are two women who were about to get married to each other, but died during their wedding, and continued their relationship in their afterlife. Matrimori's ribbons contain cursed power, and used to command Ghost-type moves. The flowers are used for moves such as Petal Dance, where the bouquet Matrimori is holding will spontaneously drop all of its petals to be used as an attack. Matrimori's energy seems to keep these flowers alive without water, as the flowers instantly grow their petals back. The flower crown seems to remain untouched no matter what. Souvemari is a naive Pokemon that wants to make others happy, even if not understanding boundaries. She'll scatter flower petals from the bouquet she holds, and then manipulate the petals around in pretty patterns. Souvemari looks up to other female Pokemon and imprints onto them very easily, especially humanoid Pokemon such as Gardevoir and Gothitelle. They grow out of this upon evolution. Souvemari need support and reassurance to properly mature, and will unwittingly put themselves in danger trying to get it. Trainers have to be careful that Souvemari doesn't wander off into Arceus knows where, and also give Souvemari a lot of their attention. Souvemari is usually satisfied watching her trainer do monotonous, boring activities, such as typing on a computer or doing chores, just as long as Souvemari gets to be with her trainer.

Mega Vivillon

originally posted: august 8th 2020

Base Stats

HP: 80 Attack: 32 Defense: 50 Special Attack: 155 Special Defense: 50 Speed: 144 Base Stat Total: 511

General Info That isn't Lore Related

Mega Vivillon Scale Pokemon Bug/Psychic Type Vivillon can Mega Evolve into Mega Vivillon using the Vivillite. Height: 4'11" (1.5 m) Weight: 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg) Ability: Butterfly Effect (Increases accuracy by 1.25x. Increases the power of Flying-type moves by 1.5x.) Gender Ratio: 50% male, 50% female Catch Rate: 45 Egg Group: Bug Growth Rate: Medium Fast

Lore Info

Upon Mega Evolving, Vivillon's temper changes from that of kindness to that of malevolence. The power of Mega Evolution made Vivillon's wing scales reflect light in a way that's blinding if you look too closely. Vivillon uses this to its advantage, scattering its vibrant wing scales to permanently blind not only its aggressors, but its friends as well. Mega Evolution taps into Vivillon's already present psychic power, increasing the size of Vivillon's antennae and allowing it to sense the smallest movements from everything around it. Vivillon sprouted a third pair of wings, and just a flap from Mega Vivillon's wings can cause catostrophic damage. Vivillon knows what it's capable of, and uses its powers to cause mass destruction. It spreads its scales to blind others, and flaps its wings to cause fast, unrelenting winds. Combined with Mega Vivillon's new Psychic typing, Vivillon turns from a docile figure of beauty to a cruel Pokemon that desires nothing but to destroy everything nearby. It wouldn't hesitate to turn on its own trainer. Mega Evolve your Vivillon with much caution.
CREDITS icon by naeriie art/adopt shop buttons both by me signature by aud.rey gay/neurodivergent banners in bio by eeveebailey gay chimchar line sprites in bio by gladio pokesona sprite/minisprite/fake summon item in bio all by me pokemon uranium minisprites in bio by pokemon uranium's art team bio coded by sceptios, modified by aud.rey

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