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a scribbled out in red "392"

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hello! welcome to my journal! i'm mike! i'm 17, autistic, gay, and love infernape and its pre-evolutions more than anyone you have ever met or will ever meet. i also like sinnoh, for presumably obvious reasons at this point. what's my journal name mean? "scribbled out in red" refers to my pokesona, an infernape with a red scribbly void over its face. "392" is infernape's national pokedex number. i'd also like to note that i might post more pg-13 art (nothing graphic) or art with darker themes (nothing extreme). these are gonna hideboxed for obvious reasons. all of the art i post here is mine unless i explicitly say otherwise my journal may include:
  • doodles
  • serious art, maybe, sometimes, don't count on it
  • the anguish that pfq brings me
  • idk, maybe comic stuff if i feel like it
want to talk to me about something i said here? feel free to shoot me a PM! if you wanna respond to something i said in my journal, i'd like to ask you to not quote my posts in your journal unless we actively speak to each other one-on-one. it makes me uncomfortable otherwise. my actual online name is mike-princeofstars! it doesn't fit in pfq's character limit! on pretty much everywhere else you'll either find me as mike-princeofstars or mikestarprince depending on the dumb username character limit. or maybe mike_princeofstars if they don't allow dashes. it depends! point is, i have the same username everywhere. more importantly, my toyhou.se username is mike_princeofstars. and here's my pokecharms trainer card! it has no real point, just shows what pokemon i like using. can you tell i like sinnoh?

oh, and btw, this is what my farm name is referencing

Combusting Soda

Summon Item (: 0)
A very shaken can of soda with an ominous flame surrounding it. You feel like even looking at it funny will cause the can to violently explode all of its sugary contents out. Opening this can will cause Mike to teleport to your location, harassing you until you give it to it.
code by aud.rey, sprite by me, 4 my use only, tho i did use the lemonade sprite as a base
  • Misc.
  • Important Mons
i'm mike. it/its. credits | journal | art problems comic | art showcase (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ︵ ┻━┻ will buy these
Art That I've Posted in This Journal clicking on the images links back to the journal post it's from

feb 2021-jun 2021

the above was also a collaboration with JirachiStar5525 and merinque

CW: slight body horror

jul 2021-nov 2021

dec 2021-may 2022


first shiny hatched on 10/5/2019 first albino hatched on 9/29/2019 arceus rank first gained on 2/13/2020 first egg won in tournament on 2/29/2020 (valimp) first melanistic hatched on 3/3/2020 first pokerus on 3/21/2020 first wishalloy badge on 10/30/2020 (poison)


interactions in a day record: 115,486 on 10/12/2020 rus count: 11 eggs hatched in a day record: 420 on 10/12/2020


female pokemon > genderless pokemon > male pokemon sweet natures > spicy/dry natures > sour/bitter/any natures fighting deltas > ice deltas > fire deltas > other delta types


for most feminine-looking pokemon, like butterfly pokemon or most fairy types, i prefer their male versions. with natures, it usually depends on the pokemon itself and its base stats. i prefer sweet natures on average/speedy pokemon, i prefer spicy natures on physical attacking pokemon, and i prefer dry natures on special attacking pokemon. i also prefer timid on special attackers and jolly on physical attackers. usually for deltas i'll take literally any aesthetic delta, but fighting, ice, and fire are my preferences.

favorite mons

if a pokemon's on here, please assume that i like it's entire evolutionary line as well. there's very little exception. ULTIMATE FAVORITE STILL LOVELY FAVORITES FROM DIFFERENT GROUPS OF POKEMON

gen 1 starter: gen 2 starter: gen 3 starter: gen 4 starter: gen 5 starter: gen 6 starter: gen 7 starter: gen 8 starter: legendary: mythical: eeveelution: pseudo-legendary: regional bird: regional rodent: pikaclone:
FAKEMON NOT FROM PFQ minisprites in this section credited to pokemon uranium's artists FAVORITE PFQ FAKEMON

QUOTE originally posted by Colorful

Hello! My computer exploded as soon as I got out of bed and I've spent all day fixing it......... well..... ahem. Anyways. Sorry this is so late! using a backup computer now In order to adjust an image's size, you'll want to start out with a styleclass. The style class name can be anything (but cannot use spaces! I suggest using one word always).
Under (or above, depends on your preference) all your content, you'll want to open your style tags like so;
[style] [/style]
Then, you'll want to insert your actual styling of the css; this can be done in many ways. I suggest only adjusting either the width OR height, and setting the other to auto so that your image scales correctly. You can do this with the actual pixel sizing of the image;
[style] .style_class_name { width: 100px; height: auto; } [/style]
Or you can do this with a percentage, which is generally more mobile friendly. (As far as I know, you cannot go above 100%. If you want the image larger then it's actual size, you can use pixels for that, like shown above!).
[style] .style_class_name { width: 50%; height: auto; } [/style]

I hope this made sense to you! If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post again here <3
MELAN SHOWCASE! <3 my very cool and epic melans <3 MELANS:

melans i've hatched but don't own anymore

MONKEY HOARD my monkey hoard, my hoard of monkeys, my hoard that consists entirely of monkeys. the monkey hoard. i assure you i do not have a problem. if you ask if you can buy any of these, i will kick you in the shins! if you phrase it as "can i buy one of your many chimchars", i will kick you in the shins even harder! seriously. do not ask. IMPORTANT NORMAL MONKEYS MELAN MONKEYS HIGH IV MONKEYS

regular high IV monkeys!


there are a lot of them!


there are a lot of them!

What Song is the Lyric in My Trainer Card From? if i don't have an embedded youtube link then the song's got explicit lyrics. as of 1:02, 11/9/2021 server time the other side by dexter freebish

future melan hunts

in dex order, except for last section which is elaborated on in a different tab

future melan hunts for gems


paused hunts

pause reason: TR 715h/13s/9a/0m start: 6/5/2020 paused: 6/14/2020

snom bait that is NOT free to use, go away

extremely outdated since i drew this in june 2020, but drawn by me, for snompeito and my use only
pause reason: boredom melan riolu 1195h/24s/23a/0m troll parties: 3 1/13/2021-1/20/2021. 1/27/2021-2/4/2021 melan chimchar 4585h/84s/69a/2m troll parties: 6 3/8/2021-3/19/2021. 3/27/2021-4/8/2021. 4/20/2021-5/17/2021. 8/1/2021-8/15/2020. 11/8/2021-11/21/2021.

finished hunts

name ideas for future melans

= Verbena = Torani = Rhodophyta = Næturrunni = Farasahar = Brownie = Strawberry Soda = Peridot = Wisteria = Tsavorite = Kiinu = Argia Vivida = Cornix = Indigo = Emerald = Haviland = Juoda = Meatball = Cervene = Little Blackbird = Cane = Aldebaran = Icikwa = Kirmizi = Ratel = Kathiah = Green Glock = Quetzal = Pēye = Gwyrrd = Clover = Paarsa = Crest = Ruby Tiger = Coffee Cake = Caerul = Raspberry = Black Diamond = Qata Layla = Silenus

Unnecessarily Difficult Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

MAIN RULE: NO POKEMON WITH A BASE STAT TOTAL HIGHER THAN 475. i will always attempt to catch a pokemon that has or evolves into something with a base stat total at or lower than 475. if i cannot catch a pokemon that meets these requirements, my capture can never evolve into the stage that would make its base stat total go above 475.

Ruleset I Made For Myself

also dupes clause, shiny clause, and if i physically cannot encounter anything that'll evolve into something with a BST of 475, i just can't evolve that pokemon.


starter: route 1: hau'oli outskirts: trainer's school: hau'oli city:


Saucy Platinum Nuzlocke

no special rules this time. just a nuzlocke i'm streaming to jirachi, xay, and meri. they decided on most of the names here. it's horrible. why did i call it "saucy"? because this is the name that the three of them decided on


starter: route 201: lake verity: route 202: (route 203 was a zubat that tapatio got a critical hit on.) route 204: ravaged path: oreburgh gate: route 207: (oreburgh mine was an onix that broke out of every single pokeball i had.)


(by meri) (by meri) (by meri)


Queso the Psyduck

Level 4-7 wild starly landing a critical hit tackle on route 202 when we were grinding and queso was already on low HP
CREDITS icon by me signature by aud.rey gay/neurodivergent banners in bio by eeveebailey gay chimchar line sprites in bio by gladio pokesona sprite/minisprite/fake summon item in bio all by me bio coded by sceptios, modified by aud.rey

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