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POLL: Should I take requests/commissions for Pokésonas?

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POLL: What Icons should I make?

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Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
Ello. :] I've got a handful of pokemon art but nowhere to really share it, so I figured why not make a post here for it? All artwork is done by me. Drawings are done in Paint Tool Sai v2 with the normal marker brush settings. Pixels are done using the free software Aseprite.

Art Rules

1. My non-forum icon artwork isn't free to use anywhere unless requested and given written permission to use. 2. If you want to use something I've made (other than the icons) please reply to the thread with which piece you want to use for public evidence of permission. 3. Do not modify, outright copy or claim my work as your own. There's leeway for practice pieces and using them to learn from, that's it. 4. Do not re-upload my work elsewhere. I don't post anywhere else online except for Pokefarm and Instagram under the username SvshiShark. My forum icons are free to use across POKEFARM ONLY without needing to ask for permission. Just keep the credit in the image please :')

Suggestion Box

I'm always open to suggestions for new icons, drawings/pixels and fusions. I won't take on personalised requests at this time as I wanna make things available for everybody first. You can make suggestions in 1 of 3 ways: 1. Private Message me your suggestion 2. Make a Post Reply to the thread with your suggestion. 3. Answer the active POLL on the thread. they'll be put in this box and depending on the more popular answer I'll probably draw that or the one which sticks out to me the most. [ Suggestions will go here ]

Pokefarm Icon Archive

All icons are 150x150 pixels in size and should fit perfectly. You don't need to ask me permission to use them as forum icons. For use on POKEFARM ONLY. Table list is a WIP. not everyone is there yet. Names w/ links are completed icons. Ones without don't have one yet. CTRL + F and search for the ### or name to find the icon of the pokemon you're after. :]

Drawing Dex


#001 Bulbasaur#002 Ivysaur#003 Venusaur#004 Charmander#005 Charmeleon#006 Charizard
#007 Squirtle#008 Wartortle#009 Blastoise#010 Caterpie#011 Metapod#012 Butterfree
#013 Weedle#014 kakuna#015 Beedrill#016 Pidgey#017 Pidgeotto#018 Pidgeot
#019 Rattata#020 Raticate#021 Spearow#022 Fearow#023 Ekans#024 Arbok
#025 Pikachu#026 Raichu#027 Sandshrew#028 Sandslash#029 Nidoran F#030 Nidorina
#031 Nidoqueen#032 Nidoran M#033 Nidorino#034 Nidoking#035 Clefairy#036 Clefable
#037 Vulpix#038 Ninetales#039 Jigglypuff#040 Wigglytuff#041 Zubat#042 Golbat
#043 Oddish#044 Gloom#045 Vileplume#046 Paras#047 Parasect#048 Venonat
#049 Venomoth#050 Diglett#051 Dugtrio#052 Meowth#053 Persian#054 Psyduck
#055 Golduck#056 Mankey#057 Primape#058 Growlithe#059 Arcanine#060 Poliwag
#061 Poliwhirl#062 Poliwrath#063 Abra#064 Kadabra#065 Alakazam#066 Machop
#067 Machoke#068 Machamp#069 Bellsprout#070 Weepinbell#071 Victreebel#072 Tentacool
#073 Tentacruel#074 Geodude#075 Graveler#076 Golem#077 Ponyta#078 Rapidash
#079 Slowpoke#080 Slowbro#081 Magnemite#082 Magneton#083 Farfetch'd#084 Doduo
#085 Dodrio#086 Seel#087 Dewgong#088 Grimer#089 Muk#090 Shellder
#091 Cloyster#092 Gastly#093 Haunter#094 Gengar#095 Onix#096 Drowzee
#097 Hypno#098 Krabby#099 Kingler#100 Voltorb#101 Electrode#102 Exeggcute


Pixel Dex

Pixel pokemon icons will go here

Artwork Archive

Personal Pokemon Fusion Laprasite Personal drawing Joltik Camp Intro Jellicent (male) Regular Jellicent - Shiny Jellicent

Pixel Archive

Pixels will go here :]
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
So I really wanted to draw Koffing, and somebody suggested a fusion. :'] so I deleted the fusion so ugly I'm still open to suggestions, for things to draw :] I have some other fusions lined up for later to draw. I might make some icons later as well :] I'm feeling the need for a squishy joltik face xD anyways, here's Koffing
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
Its not pikachu (yet) I wanted to do something super simple and easy, and since I recently hatched my second shiny frillish (it was a male) on pokemon Sword I thought this would be fitting :] like the simple intro to the camp where it's zoomed in on their face, I thought was a really cute idea and took it as inspiration for this one :] I'm gonna be doing some pixel icons in a similar way I think pretty soon with a bunch of mons :] I'm really excited to do it. Regular Jellicent (Male) Shiny Jellicent (Male)
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
Some derpy mudkip art. x.x I planned on doing a mudkip x Bulbasaur fusion since I saw some really cute ones on google, but I ended up just doing this instead. :] And to make up for the tiny drawing I also made a start on those profile icons. They'll have a similar theme, all of them will be the faces/front views of individual pokemon :] as far as pokesona comms/requests go I won't be doing em' for a while, at least till' life calms down a bit first. I decided that they'll be PWYW\PIYW
Pay what you want, Pay if you want
for game currency/items when I do finally start taking them. derpy doodle of mudkip chibi-esque mudkip icon. You can use it for free on Pokefarm if you want. :] I'll do a better one at a later point in time lol.
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
I don't wanna post too often, but I'm excited to show you guys and I'm enjoying making these so far. :] I've got a few more icons for you guys. All of them are free to use across Pokefarm. :] Regular/Shiny Bulbasaur (my favourite of these guys) Squirtle Squad icon Ghastly and Gengar! Voltorb and Electrode since they're some silly easy ones to get out of the way :]
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
I've been pretty mia with the posting of icons and stuff x.x sorry. I have 3 grass starter icons for you :] I might re-do the chikorita one tho since a while after making it I'm not exactly the biggest fan of it right now x.x Turtwig Treecko Chikorita
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
I made an Altaria x Whimsicott fusion :0 I love her so much <w> she'll be my second pokemon sona, along with my Laprasite. :D I wanna make myself one more, a posh shiny Jellicent with a top hat and a monocle and call him Royal Jelly. XD I love the male version of jellicent his moustache looks so POSHHHH

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