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DISASTERous Journey

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There was a beautiful morning. Slash woke up, and went outside. But then a Pokémon he wasn't able to see from his point of view used Whirlwind and he was blown really far away. "What just happened?", he questioned himself. "I better not think about it too hard." Suddenly, he heard a voice. "Slash? Is that you?" He then said, "Freeze? Did I really get blown out THIS far?" Freeze replied, "Yep. You were unconscious here for 2 hours. Are you okay?" Slash said, "I was... unconsious? But, yeah, I didn't really get wounded." Freeze then replied, "Oh, thank Arceus. Kylie just came in here, I wonder what goes in her head, to go this far and almost freeze in here. She only comes here to talk to her Delibird friend, Frost." Slash then said, "She knows Frost? What did I miss the times I talked to her?" Freeze replied, "She met Frost a while ago. She got lost in this Glacier as a child, and then she found Frost, who helped her find her family back." Slash then said, "Huh." To be continued...
These two are precious to me:
Absol125's AvatarAbsol125
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Wow, I really forgot about it for this long? -------------------------------------------------------------- Walking towards the desert, Slash then noticed a Sableye riding behind a rock. "Shadow? What are you trying to accomplish by hiding behind that rock?" The Sableye then replied, "Say, I thought that the Solynx over there would attack me, but he just went straight to the mountain. He seems to be trying to climb the mountain now." "And you just let him potentially get hurt by Rock- or Ground-type moves?", Slash replied, "Isn't your job trying to protect those who try going up there?" Shadow then said, "Oh noooo! I failed my job! We have to go up there!" Freeze, who had been following Slash after all this time said, "Ground-types sound like they won't be a problem with me going with you." "True, true. Now, let's go.", Slash replied. Going through the mountains, Slash and his friends noticed that there were flames being launched at a Graveler. "Fire-type moves! That means the Solynx is in danger!", said Slash. Freeze then said, "Leave me to the rescue." Freeze then used Icicle Crash at the Graveler, and it was defeated. The Solynx said, "Wow... You saved me?" Slash replied, "It was Freeze, not me." "Oh... Thank you, Freeze!", he said. "Wait, who even are you all, anyway?" Slash then replied, "The name's Slash. And this is my friend, Shadow. The whole reason Freeze had to save you is because Shadow failed his job." The Solynx said, "Huh..." At that exact moment, Slash felt like he was being watched. He looked behind him, and suddenly, there was a Lunupine behind him. "U- um... h- hi?", the Lunupine said. Slash replied, "Hello? No need to be shy." The Lunupine replied, "Looking for a friend." The Solynx then noticed the Lunupine and said, "Wait, there you are, Lunupine!" "Oh, Solynx...", replied the Lunupine. "It's been 2 years since I last saw you..." The Solynx replied, "I know..." Getting near his cave, Slash said, "Wait, so that's who used Whirlwind on me!" It was Kyle, fighting a Pidgeot. Slash said, "It's all your fault, Kyle!" The Luxray was too desperate to notice what he caused. Suddenly, the Solynx noticed a Mega Stone on the ground. He grabbed it. And as he had been wearing a necklace with a Key Stone, he mega evolved. Using the power that Mega Evolution gave him, he defeated the Pidgeot and scared it away. Kyle replied, "Thank you all..." Slash then replied, "You're welcome. Anyway, where's Kylie?" Kyle then said, "She's still at her cave. I just went off mine for a stroll, and then all of a sudden, that Pidgeot attacked me." Slash then replied, "Wow. Anyway, I guess it's time we all go back to our homes." The now mega evolved Solynx replied, "I guess... But, that means I'll have to say good bye to you..." Slash replied, "It's okay. I can just visit you all again someday." Slash then went back to his cave. THE END

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