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art game !

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POLL: be brave and draw

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gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
yes hello, i have like 273 ideas for games but i figured ill start with something in my comfort zone, so art it is - hope yall like my approach to this c':

lets get the rules out of the way

- pfq rules apply - respect each other, be nice - refrain from commenting on art in the thread - use the upvote post function to "like" the art you like - only give constructive feedback if the artist is fine with that - never bash anyone, all art is beautiful - the skill level is not important for this game - do not intentionally portray someone as "ugly" - "claim" a person so everyone knows youre drawing them - do not make a new post before finishing previous art - please only draw ppl you dont know the looks of - you may look at the trainer if youre absolutely lost
so my idea is to draw someone youve never seen - in our case, the person in the comment above you - based on really weid information, that doesnt actually give you any concrete information, but youll get an idea and will have to think creatively !! if you want to participate several times, describe your friends, family members or ocs with the form and see what happens cx

the how to

ok so technically, everyone who wants to participate, will fill out the form so the next person can draw them, and should include a drawing of the person above them in the same post - so its a continuous chain without double posting ! please refrain from commenting on someones artwork in the thread, instead just use the "upvote post" function to give the post a like cx
if you want to draw a person, make sure to claim them ! as in, post saying something along the lines of "claimed", with the form filled out already - because this way you can take your time with the art and well avoid two people drawing the same person - and also the next person can already get to work with drawing you !! its up to you whether you draw a sketch or fully shaded piece, chibi or realistic, fullbody or halfbody - but please make sure everything from the form is sort of visible and you give your piece some colour !

here is the form

youre only allowed to use an item from whatever category i added to describe each part of your body ! eg. if you hair is "spaghetti" i would assume its long and curly - so you need to think creatively to give the next person an idea of what you look like !! [b]hair:[/b] described with food [b]hair colour:[/b] described with a plant [b]eye colour:[/b] described with a terrain [b]skin colour:[/b] described with weather [b]age:[/b] described with a band or song [b]gender:[/b] described with a celebrity [b]body type:[/b] described with an animal [b]expression:[/b] described with a colour [b]pose:[/b] described with a movie or tv show [b]clothing style:[/b] described with a pokemon [b]accessories:[/b] youre allowed to list those lmao if your body is somehow unique, like say youre missing a finger or a leg, or are sitting in a wheelchair, you can just add that to accessories c': for a filled in example, scroll down to the end of the post to see mine cx
i will jump in soon and will participate regularly, it just doesnt make sense for me to draw anything now as ill need an actual person ive never seen to fill the form ahha
here is my form tho, for the person brave enough to start c': hair: french fries hair colour: poppy flower eye colour: stony river skin colour: foggy age: blink-182 - whats my age again ? gender: ruby rose body type: hamster expression: grey pose: MIB clothing style: shinx accessories: glasses, septum nose ring, snake bites piercings, double ear rings on both sides, helix piercing on left ear, festival bands on left hand go wild and have fun my folks ! cx
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syre's Avatarsyre
syre's Avatar
Oh boy I've gotta claim that French fries hair haha I'm assuming we edit the post with the finished art piece later on?? hair: Baguettes hair colour: Wheat plant eye colour: Field of grass skin colour: Hail age: 500 Miles gender: Yoko Shimomura body type: Giraffe expression: Yellow pose: The Walking Dead clothing style: Slakoth accessories: Earings, blanket, any kind of hair accessory is fine c: I'm sorry for anyone that has to work with this mess haha :D Edit: Look at those little hamster cheeks,, fff this is forever what you look like in my head now gez haha
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gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
you know, i will claim this real quick because i wanna go ahead and actually try this myself lmao - and yes, just edit in the art later when youre done, the claiming is just so you can take your time drawing c': edit: here is the thing, pls lmk who i drew through pm, im generally curious how far off i am im laughing so hard bc i had no idea what i was doing edit 2: @syre, this is LITERALLY what i look like, how did you even get everything this is AMAZING im laughing so hard, i love it
and for the next person, please draw my partner ! hair: ice cream in cone hair colour: coleus velvet flower eye colour: wet forest soil skin colour: cloudy sunset age: spice girls - wannabe gender: yungblud body type: bernese mountain dog expression: soft pink pose: the legend of zelda tv series clothing style: obstagoon accessories: glasses, septum nose ring and a gauge and second ear ring on both ears im so curious how these turn out istg cx
GingrrCat's AvatarGingrrCat
GingrrCat's Avatar
Ok this looks so much fun!! Claiming Gezichnet!! Will edit in something for you later today So sorry for the wait. School has been getting in the way lately. Anyways here's the finished thing!


Anyways heres mine for the next person hair: Spaghetti hair colour: Marigold eye colour: Beach skin colour: Cloudy and snow age: Toxic - Brittney Spears gender: Lachlan Watson body type: Weasel expression: Light purple pose: Madoka Magica clothing style: Altaria accessories: I don't wear a lot of accessories lol
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I'll claim Cat! I'll get to drawing you as soon as school stops dumping homework on me qwq

Finally done!

hair: (cheating a bit) Pringles wavy hair colour: cattails eye colour: The Arctic at night skin colour: snow on a beach age: This Is Home - Cavetown gender: Helena Bonham Carter body type: stickbug expression: yellow pose: The Dragon Prince clothing style: Gothitelle accessories: Really only my white and gold headphones lmao
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gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
aa big thanks to the two of you for joining cx claiming colorfulnebula !! edit: wow i was so confused, pls lemme know through pm how far off i am because i think i misinterpreted like half the stuff !!
and for the next person, pls draw one of my besties ! hair: loomster fries hair colour: maple fall leaves eye colour: moss skin colour: fog age: switchfoot - twenty four gender: barbara palvin body type: fox expression: peachy pose: orange is the new black clothing style: gothorita/gothitelle accessories: ear rings, super thin subtle silver accessories like necklaces and bracelets - also no bows on clothing, just classic
pluere's Avatarpluere
pluere's Avatar
hmm,,, claiming gezeï !! edit: im so late :,0 but HERE WE GO

oops its kinda big

hair: ...pulled pork? hair colour: minecraft oak tree eye colour: forest floor skin colour: overcast plains age: Melting Vibes by The Mellowells gender: Robbie Skinner body type: domestic shorthair cat,, expression: indigo pose: The Iron Giant clothing style: Noivern accessories: black and silver half frame horn-rimmed glasses, industrial bar in left ear, small (8g) tunnels in each ear lobe
original sprite © official Pokemon art ; edit by me SKETCHES FOR SUMMONS ☁ ☁ JOURNAL
gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
claiming pluere but will draw tomorrow !! edit: sorry im so late but im done now c':
next person, please draw my other best fiend c': hair: curly fries but shoulder long hair colour: violet pansies (tips are light) eye colour: grassy hills skin colour: snow age: artist vs poet - damn rough night gender: manon mathews body type: smol birb expression: orange pose: steven universe clothing style: comfey accessories: loads of rings and necklaces, a choker and helix piercing on right ear
IconicAnemone's AvatarIconicAnemone
IconicAnemone's Avatar
This looks fun! Claiming Gezeichnet Edit: Fun, but I don't think I'll do it again. hair: braided croissant hair colour: straw eye colour: stormy sea skin colour: dirty hail age: My front Porch looking In (love that song) gender: Anne Hathaway (she's an actress I like) body type: cheetah expression: baby blue pose: pokemon the anime clothing style: Ho-oh accessories: square glasses, spiderman necklace, flamingo fanny pack
Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart


(: 0)

A heart-shaped chocolate given to you by someone who cares about you! Feed to a Pokémon to boost Happiness by 20.

Sells for 1

Lv. 100 — +361,195
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness MAX
Brave nature
BbyCatt's AvatarBbyCatt
BbyCatt's Avatar

Bbycatt’s form

hair: 32 oz Pepsi, spilled all over the edge of the table hair colour: Angel Amber Kiss Pansy eye colour: desert plateau skin colour: sunny cloudy windy day (: age: Billie Eilish gender: Kristen Stewart body type: Squirrley expression: Cotten candy purple pose: Baby Driver clothing style: scatterbug accessories: I like space themed stuff too! :p


free to use / keep / save Not my forte - doing people / things without any kind of visual reference. So sorry if it’s not as good as hoped 😅✌️ Witt my notes With a background with the ho oh colors
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