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How do I get the eeveelutions?

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I know how to get them in the og games, but can't seem to get it in here
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If you have a Eevee already, you can look at the pokedex to see how to get the evolutions. There's also the option of clicking the three lines in the corner of the Eevee page and clicking "Checking Evolution Requirements".
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if you mean those with more special requirements like glaceon, leafeon, and sylveon, putting eevee in an ice-type field will get you glaceon, putting eevee in a grass-type field will get you leafeon, and feeding eevee 6 perfect berries of the flavor it likes (maxing out its affection) will get you sylveon. (you get perfect berries in the garden by growing aspear, cheri, chesto, pecha, and rawst berries with amaze mulch.) C:
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sheepdog01's Avatarsheepdog01
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mikestarprince I was talking about Espeon because it's kinda vague in just saying 'Happiness during daytime'
ah, i see! C: time-based evolutions are based on the server's time. you'll notice next to the date and time, there's either the icon from pokemon moon or the icon from pokemon sun. that'll tell you when it's daytime and when it's nighttime. there is also a dusk and dawn period, represented by the sun icon going below a line, where you'll have to hover over the icon to see if it counts as day or night. then, just evolve an eevee with high happiness when it's daytime in the server.
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You can increase the happiness of a Pokémon by putting it in a field that matches its type (= normal type field for Eevee) or by feeding it some consumables that increase happiness, like Sweet Hearts, Easter Eggs or Lovely Soup. You can find those items in the Market or try to trade for them in the trade forum. Putting your Eevee in a normal type field will take like two days until the happiness is high enough to evolve it. Please note also that you need to make sure you do not max out the happiness for an Eevee you want to evolve into a Sylveon. Maxed out happiness will always trigger the happiness based evolution option instead of the affection based one. ^^
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