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getting albinos/melans from breeding

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Awood2009's AvatarAwood2009
Awood2009's Avatar
hello, so as the title states I was wanting to possibly start my first albino/shiny chain for ghost pokemon (b/c Im a huge fan of ghost pokemon) through breeding and was wondering if I have to have an albino radar to be able to get albinos from breeding or if it's just random and the radar helps with chances of getting them. Bc I was wanting to get melans/shines/albino ghost types just to have them (especially a Chandelure)
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
A albino radar is required if you want to get a albino. Without it, you won’t get a albino Pokémon at all. It both helps boost chances of you hatching one and it’s required to have.
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Awood2009's AvatarAwood2009
Awood2009's Avatar
oh ok...and I'm assuming it's the same for melanistics as well?
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
When pokemon hatches as shiny and albino at the same time, you get melanistic pokemon. Without albino radar, it's impossible to hatch melan pokemon. ^^

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