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head in the clouds - templates [open]

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aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
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  • hello!
  • form+note
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hello, and welcome to my template request thread! fill in a form and i'll make you a template if i feel like it C: (note, my motivation level changes really quickly. just a warning :x) if you have any questions/want to discuss specifics without clogging up the thread, you can dm my alt discord


  1. all pfq rules apply.
  2. do not remove or modify credit.
  3. you may not modify/copy my code.
  4. i don't promise your request will be fulfilled, but i'll try to do most of them!
  5. minimum price is 150kcr, 150gp, 30zc, or a gracidea seed
  6. if i see you've been online but haven't paid for your commission for over 3 days, you will get a warning pm. if you still do not pay, i will report you and break the template - it will break for everyone using it as well as you.
  7. use the form.
  8. i reserve the right to decline your request with or without an explanation.
  9. if you'd like me to use a certain image, you MUST have permission to use it.
  10. i'll add more rules when i think of them, check back here every once in a while!
(note: i try to make all my template mobile-friendly, and i add everything needed for legibility.)
while you're here, feel like checking out icy, pika, and sweet's shop?
note: signatures are not supposed to have a lot of content. please consider this when ordering (tabs work, but i don't recommend them on signatures, i would suggest something like this) if you'd like to request, please fill out this form!


[b]audrey, try this template![/b] [b]pokemon/theme: [/b] [b]light/dark (optional): [/b] [b]style (shop, response, about, signature, etc): [/b] [b]tabs?: [/b] [b]rounded corners?: [/b] [b]specific image?: [/b] [b]colors: [/b] [b]other specifics (font, bullets, etc)?: [/b] [b]payment (if i do your request): [/b] [b]would you like your template to be f2u?: [/b] [b]other: [/b]
revamping, check this thread for examples
audrey • they
plural, preferred
/she/fae journaltemplate requestssite skins #blm #lgbtq+
ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar
audrey, try this template! :} pokemon/theme: Fennekin style: Like Shiny Mimikyu or Morpeko version(¿ image?: Up to you :> colors: Yellow/Orange maybe payment (if i do your request): 300 gp would you like your template to be f2u?: Yup :> other: I love your templates ^w^

🌰;;Mango // 🍂;;Idiot // 🍁;;Artist

Journal - Rolling Auction
Template made by me for my use only // Original Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid gif
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
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@mango finished! tell me if you need any changes :D
[sc=img][tip="[url=https://www.deviantart.com/xous54/art/Fennekin-347486854]art[/url] // [url=https://pokefarm.com/user/aud.rey]code[/url]"][img]https://i.ibb.co/cynd2Cb/fennekin-xous54.png[/img][/tip][/sc] [sc=tem][sc=tabbed_interface horizontal] [ul] [li]Title 1[/li] [li]Title 2[/li] [li]Title 3[/li] [/ul][ ][sc=tab-active]contents 1[/sc][ ][sc=tab]contents 2[/sc][ ][sc=tab]contents 3[/sc][/sc] [/sc] [style]@import 'skins/user/r/5/7/fennekin/__extra';[/style]
contents 2
contents 3
ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar
Sorry for late reply- IT'S SO PRETTY, I LOVE IT NXJSKBDJAGWK i'll sending paymen now :>
KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
audrey, try this template! pokemon/theme: My Pokesona, or any Marill! style (post, about, signature, etc): Post, please! tabs?: No thank you! rounded corners?: Sure! image?: You can use my avatar or any other image of Marill colors: If my sona: #7d6996(purple) and #709e65(green) If Marill: #42b8fc(blue) and white payment (if i do your request): 70 ZC(or 100 if it sounds too complicated) would you like your template to be f2u?: No, sorry other: I have permission to use my avatar- if you want proof I can send a screenie thru PM
Pfp by Artsy._.Alpaca #4633 on discord! Their instagram is here! Visit my Adopt Shop: Click here!
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
@kerryberry hello!! the 'colors' section refers to which colors you'd like the template to be, do you have any specifics, or would you like me to choose? c:
KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
I stated the specific colors for my sona, and also included the colors for a normal Marill, but if you want to choose the colors, that's fine with me!
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
art // template by aud.rey for kerryberry's use only
@kerryberry here you go! i've put 'for kerryberry's use only' in the image tip with the credits, tell me if you need any changes :D
[sc=img][tip="[url=/user/cynthanasia]art[/url] // template by [url=/user/aud.rey]aud.rey[/url] for [url=/user/kerryberry]kerryberry[/url]'s use only"][img]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/764936788497399818/790752868172824576/deat8eb-c3d7c9b1-e75c-49af-8655-000c361cc986_5_30.png[/img][/tip][/sc][sc=tem]text[/sc] [style]@import 'skins/user/r/5/7/marillberry/__extra';[/style]
KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
ahahhahahagawefyiUG QIFGE It's so cute! I'll send over the payment- how much do you want?
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
@kerryberry whatever you think is fair ^^

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