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A thread where we all hate Doug The Merchant

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Exspirita's AvatarExspirita
Exspirita's Avatar
Hate thread for Doug the merchant May he burn in a burning ring of fire, how dare you charge me 5% dude, how dare you. Stop smirking at me. Curse you Doug.
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that smirk on his face while he robs you...
Mental Mentos's AvatarMental Mentos
Mental Mentos's Avatar
He know's what he's doing He must make so much money Guys let's make Niet give us the ability to rob Doug Make it a goddamn GTA style heist
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LúnàWølf98's AvatarLúnàWølf98
LúnàWølf98's Avatar
5% tho? Seriously? Like I get if it was a small sale or something but when you're selling big amounts of gems or summons or boxes or something...that adds up fast
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Hatred isn't healthy.

QUOTE originally posted by The Falling Blue

Hatred isn't healthy.
this thread is clearly meant to be taken as a joke.
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cryptidlatias's Avatarcryptidlatias
cryptidlatias's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by The Falling Blue

Hatred isn't healthy.
neither is eating plastic but look at me doing it anyways
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mikandee's Avatarmikandee
mikandee's Avatar
all my homies hate doug
i'm buying red soul dew for market price! the highest i'll go is 100 zc/equiv if market price is currently higher. please pm me! 🍊 mikanshop (my shop!) - pairs, s/a/d, currency <3 🍊 mikanjournal 🍊 ovo - a very boring journal forum avatar was drawn by myself~ for my use only.
Bun-bun's AvatarBun-bun
Bun-bun's Avatar
You have homies?
Exspirita's AvatarExspirita
Exspirita's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Bun-bun

You have homies?
Darn shawty let’s keep the hate focused on doug 😂

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