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🔮Team Shattered Psyche🔮 (Psychic) [Jan 2021]

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LabPenguin's AvatarLabPenguin
LabPenguin's Avatar
Don't feel the need to apologise, am sorry you're feeling under the weather and hope you feel better soon. Any points at all is a contribution, don't worry about it :)
Turtiana's AvatarTurtiana
Turtiana's Avatar
thank you.
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Dino Master's AvatarDino Master
Dino Master's Avatar
No need to apoligise, it's just a game and your health is much more important
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Turtiana's AvatarTurtiana
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Folly Potter's AvatarFolly Potter
Folly Potter's Avatar
Your mental health comes first~ Dont feel bad! Also I still have 384 RTE left if anyone needs them
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MewIchigo21's AvatarMewIchigo21
MewIchigo21's Avatar
So this has not been my best race at all, and I apologize for that. The beginning of the year hit me pretty hard- We had to give up our dog due to pandemic issues a week ago and it has been so hard for me to want to do anything since. I’ll probably be done hatching for the team soon, because it’s getting harder to find motivation to continue hatching. :/ I will continue breeding and dumping Solosis eggs in the shelter though, so I hope that helps. ^^ I’m about to dump 230 eggs as I type this~
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Møm's AvatarMøm
Møm's Avatar
Thanks to all who helped in any way. We have all done our best ( I have covid and pneumonia) and I am grateful for everyone else
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savør's Avatarsavør
savør's Avatar
I'd love some rtes! i need about 40
Folly Potter's AvatarFolly Potter
Folly Potter's Avatar
I'm on it~
Paula's AvatarPaula
Paula's Avatar
I need 28 RTEs if possible! To upgrade my badge. And ofc don't worry people! The solosis eggs have been helping me a ton btw.
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