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PMD; Performer's Path

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In a alternate word where no harm came to threaten the Pokémon world, it was just perfect as it should be. On occasion, Mew would send humans with aspiring goals to that world to be whoever they chose to be. Two of these individuals were Harmony and Raya, who had fittingly been turned to a Swablu and Snivy to come to the world where everything could be achieved with enough effort. The two just hadn't been sure on what to do. That was until one fateful day.....
PMD: Performer's Path Prologue: A Curtain Rises (1/3)
"Hya! That good enough yet?" "Hmm... not yet, but you're getting there!" "Raya, you've said that the past ten times...." The duo of Harmony and Raya were trying to get a random routine they had thought of down, involving using Peck to destroy some leftover Oran Berry seeds that the Cotton Bird Pokemon had found earlier, but the Snivy didn't think it was good enough just yet. "We've probably worn through all the seeds anyway, lets just go get a break over at Connection Cafe." "Huh, you're right. Yeah, let's go." The now empty pouch of seeds was tossed aside and the two began making there way down to Serenity Town from the hill, chatting about how they could improve as they made their way down. A few posters floated above, before landing at the feet of the Grass Snake Pokemon, who picked it up and read it aloud. "Sign Ups for Performer Squads open today at Lively Town! Located at the Guild, free rides can be obtained from your nearest Connection Cafe!" "You seeing this Harmony? It's our real chance!" "Oh my gardener you're right! We are SO doing this thing!" The two sped up their path to the town, eager to see if they made the cut. Guildmaster Ampharos had been known to approve some of the best Squads around, including Aqua Squad and Pinkflare Squad. So if these two were approved, then who knew what would await them?
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Upon hearing applications for Performer Squads had opened, Harmony and Raya had immediately begun a sprint to get to the cafe and land the transport to Lively Town.....
PMD: Performer's Path Prologue: A Curtain Rises (2/3)
The duo had arrived in the said cafe, and a short queue had been formed already. Raya had chosen to look about and see if anyone was interested in anything, but already knew that Rescue Team Flora could sort that out. After getting to the front of the line, they were greeted by the Kangaskhan who run the place. "Hey girls! I can only assume you came for that transport?" "That's right! So, any places left?" "Sure are! This is the last available spot for the Water Continent. You two have a squad name?" "Actually, no. Is that required?" "No. You just need one for if you get approved! Alright, have a good one." Two Lapras Liner passes were handed to the duo, with Raya carrying them in her hands as a few other disappointed pairs exited alongside them as they made their way to the coast where Lapras stayed. Upon getting there, their passes were shown and the two set sail.
The eager patters of feet and beating of wings was heard all through the town, as well as increasingly loud chatter. Was there really so many interested people here? "Imagine where everybody came from! Baram, Capim, Noe, Sahra..." "Why Sahra? I thought the Sand Continent hated this stuff." "We don't actually!" A duo of a Pachirisu and Palpitoad ran besides them, causing Harmony to laugh a bit. "Sprig! Montre! Didn't expect you two here!" "You know that Luxio, Ray? He pressured us into coming..." Sprig said that with a sigh, lightly shocking Montre to get his attention. It didn't harm him, but it got him to start talking. "Yup, that guy's got at least three screws loose." The conversation went on as they got into the Guild, confirming their identities and waiting in the set lobby. Every so often a pair would go inside, and either come back pleased or upset. The first negative pair they saw was an red Oricorio and a Belossom. "3 out of 10? Did we really do that bad?" "Who knows, there's always another chance." And the first positive duo was a Lotad and Sandshrew. "6! We barely made that U'wau!" "What'd I tell ya, Smokey? Bubble and Scratch is always the way to go. Team Elements all the way." Shortly after, Harmony and Raya were called up for their turn. They gave a quick look to the other pairs before walking into the large hall, a Zigzagoon and Skitty exiting and looking like nothing happened inside. They got onto the stage, with the Guildmaster seeming eager to watch them. "You ready?" "Sure am!"

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