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Summon Directory Thread

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yosei-san's Avataryosei-san
yosei-san's Avatar
Profile shortlink: https://pfq.link/@bCB What Summon are you collecting: Inari's Lamps + White Stones Preferred Method of Payment: 25zc and 50zc respectively Are your PMs open? Nope~ Shop link: https://pfq.link/~LqgN Resubmitting this form! I was formerly Lonely Heart, and I dropped my buying price for White Stones since they're a passive collection at the moment
JournalShopSome pals Buying Inari's Lamps for 25zc each!
Kihte's AvatarKihte
Kihte's Avatar
I can be taken off of Soul Hearts now c: FINALLY I'll be dedicating my efforts to a new one now c: Profile shortlink: https://pfq.link/~L2cx What Summon are you collecting: Kagamis Preferred Method of Payment: 30zc Are your PMs open? Yes Shop link: N/A
Kihte • She/Her • Crazy Dog Woman
Perm Links 𝒥𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓃𝒶𝓁 ⭑ Eventual Shop Here 30zc 30zc If you have questions, please read my About Me.
Gest's AvatarGest
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FatalDubstep's AvatarFatalDubstep
FatalDubstep's Avatar
Well I've made the bad and costly decision to attempt to melan hunt a legend in the future so... Profile shortlink:https://pfq.link/~Ll8k What Summon are you collecting: Magma Stones Preferred Method of Payment: 30zc/150gp/150kc, whatever I have available Are your PMs open? Yes, but I'd prefer if you used my shop Shop link: https://pfq.link/~Lhcf
Avatar made by SaltyUwU for my use only :D My precious melans:
Antigøne's AvatarAntigøne
Antigøne's Avatar
Hey guys, thanks for the continued interest! I will add everyone as quick as I can, but my internet/power is on and off the past few days, but once this winter storm is over, I promise to catch up. Thanks for understanding! <3
Antigone ☁️ He/Him ☁️ Skinny Legend Shop ☁️ Journal ☁️ Templates
glen's Avatarglen
glen's Avatar
Profile shortlink: https://pfq.link/~L2Wr What Summon are you collecting: Music Boxes Preferred Method of Payment: 40zc Are your PMs open? Yep, though just sending a labelled trade is probably easier Shop link: N/A thanks for this thread, it’s been super helpful :D
・ • music box collector | 40zc | send a labelled trade • ・ ・ • avatar and signature code by me | journal | icon shop • ・

Pages: 123··· 91011

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