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Summon Directory Thread

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Drsweet25's AvatarDrsweet25
Drsweet25's Avatar
What summon(s) you are collecting: Magmastone How do you prefer to pay?: 22zc or 110gp Are your PMs open?: Yes Do you have a trade shop?:
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Buying for 150gp/30zc each!! Buying for 110gp/22zc each! Journal Instagram Toyhouse FlightRising
Antigøne's AvatarAntigøne
Antigøne's Avatar
Alright! I'm going to be busy this upcoming day, but tomorrow, I will update everything!
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Angelheart's AvatarAngelheart
Angelheart's Avatar
What summon(s) you are collecting? Currently Magatamas and Origin Sashes as I have big chains for those! How do you prefer to pay? I prefer ZC or for bigger hoards, Paypal! 35zc is my buying price c: Is this the only way? At the moment, yes. Are your PMs open? Yes Do you have a trade shop? Nope :p
Bo-mi's AvatarBo-mi
Bo-mi's Avatar
Im no longer collecting v.medals or fujin lamps just thunder feathers and I moved my shop to here
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Isnok's AvatarIsnok
Isnok's Avatar
hey antigone, I’m not collecting sea crowns anymore, it’s just komainu figurines for me now ^^
Collecting Komainu Figurines
Antigøne's AvatarAntigøne
Antigøne's Avatar
Alright thank you! I recently hurt my wrist, so I'm going to take a few days off from Pokefarm since it hurts to even type. When I come back, I will do a massive update starting from Sina142!
Ground Zero's AvatarGround Zero
Ground Zero's Avatar

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[b]What summon(s) you are collecting?:[/b] [item=wishing stone] (Wishing Stones) [b]How do you prefer to pay? Is this the only way?:[/b] I prefer to buy with 230 [item=gold], though I also usually have more than enough Zophan or Credits to buy them with, as well. For those currencies, my buying prices are 230k[item=credits] and 46[item=zophan]. [b]Are your PMs open?:[/b] Yes! [b]Do you have a trade shop?:[/b] [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/287073/Ground-Zero-s-Agency-S-A-RTE-and-More]Yes.[/url] I also hope your wrist heals well! Take your time with that massive update, goodness XD
Avatar: Bakugou Katsuki (My Hero Academia) manga image from Google.
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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
What summon you are collecting: Magma Stones How do you prefer to pay?: GP (200) Are your PMs open?: Yes Do you have a trade shop?: No [url=https://pfq.link/@PLb]RenCringe[/url] hope ur wrist gets better!
imperfect's Avatarimperfect
imperfect's Avatar
What summon(s) you are collecting? Kane Idols How do you prefer to pay? Is this the only way? 150gp/equiv ! I also accept 2 kane idols as payment for one boxbox hunt spot ! Are your PMs open? Strictly for trades only c: Do you have a trade shop? https://pfq.link/~LlKl for my shop, https://pfq.link/~Lshl for my profile!
Avatar made by Galladerox buying kane idols for 150
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Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. gif
Antigøne's AvatarAntigøne
Antigøne's Avatar
Ok! After 2 days of resting, I am back! Tomorrow morning this will be up to date!

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