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S/A Complaining Thread

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I'm not asking for a melan(maybe). All I am asking for is 1) An impish male shiny Sprigatito 2) Maybe a female of quiet nature 3) Maybe that melan if I'm feeling extra lucky. But noooooooo Sally only gave me ONE shiny and it was mild, not even a good nature. I am livid. Altho I didn't what to expect since I only have my pokeradar...
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This is just getting ridiculous.... I can't hatch a female shiny or albino for my sister I thought this would turn into my Pichu hunt where I got all kinds of shines but nope I was wrong
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Almost 200 eggs into Maravol, this seems like a waste. I only got 1 Albino and no Shiny. I have max boosts!
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im so tired of z-crystals man i used one and it took like 150 eggs after that to get 1 albino, and that was the only one i hatched during the crystal idk they're just not worth it we'll see if i get anything in the next -checks notes- 17 hours, but i highly doubt it edit: hi ok sure :p edit2: confirmed only got 2 albinos in the entire 3day zcrystal, feels bad man
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It feels like everyone on my team in the Type Race is getting a shiny or albino except for me. Sure I don't have the PokeRadar, but I have the Albino Radar on between levels 3-5 and I didn't even get anything on Sei day even though I hatched at least 90 eggs that day because of the Shazi boost. My attempted hunts are never working out, the only Albino I got wasn't even on purpose, it was just hatching eggs a few weeks ago to do so. Hopefully when I finally get enough credits for the PokeRadar, things might end up a LITTLE better, but it is irritating.
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Been using z-crystals all TR + Level 7 Albino Radar and have hatched a good 300 eggs or so, and have gotten a total of two specials, albino bulbasaurs. Blease I want the serotonin of the sparkle hatching animation
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I, on all max boosts 'cept Lucky Egg... Is devasted. I want (1) impish shiny male Sprigatito! Is that so hard? Usually I want a lonely female(i actually got the female what are the chances?), BUT. Sally. I want a male impish! Is that hard? Please... I had to stick a random pair together. They have a *decent* base - 76%, nothing a few sweet hearts can't boost. But their lvl gap is just too...extreme. It started out as the male was lvl one and the female one hundred. i bet you can guess how well that went. rn...im trying to boost the male. They've been producing more and more eggs so that's good :D Not enough tho that i MISSED the ONE PARTY that I didn't fill in eggs from the daycare for. That one had shiny in it. Of course it did.
Bondsmith's AvatarBondsmith
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1125+ eggs with shiny charms, max albino radar, sei days, and TR... all I've gotten is 1 albino and 1 shiny. the odds are NOT ever in my favor lol
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I'm going to have to decide between continuing to hunt Valkind after the Type Race, or gathering some ZC, getting the usual stick, and saving the chain for a few months to then decide between that and Snoralts for the Fairy Type Race (Even if I'd probably pick Snoralts for a better head start, as even if my pair isn't great I have a much better chain already for it (198 vs 28 on the Valkind chain). Next month I'm doing an easy hunt, I swear this was a mistake
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Boosted EXP day and sei day and I only have 24 adoptions :,) sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna get this thing

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