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S/A Complaining Thread

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I'm here to report that I hatched I think over 800 eggs today with a Z+max radar on, and did not get a single albino at all I just thought that was funny* (*im dying over here)
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Now... this is just getting silly

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Come on I just want one
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I feel like the photo will show just how much pain I'm having with this hunt. I started this hunt after getting my Melan Whimsicott to prepare for the most recent Type Race, and now I'm being bullied by the shiny odds. Why must Sally treat me like this?
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I was very excited to see that PotD lined up with my hunt from TR (Bronzor), so I decided to pop a z-crystal and try my luck. I'm on my final party before reset (140~ hatches), and I haven't seen a single special all day. Not sure what I did to anger Sally and the RNG gods, but I hope they forgive me soon :c
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Level 7 Albino Radar charge, along wiht Z-Crystal, and I only get 1 albino from 133 eggs. The RNGods are playing with me... Where did my luck go?
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QUOTE originally posted by MetropolitanKei

Level 7 Albino Radar charge, along wiht Z-Crystal, and I only get 1 albino from 133 eggs. The RNGods are playing with me... Where did my luck go?
Want mine? I've been getting albinos so often lately. 3 albino Rowlet so far, 2 shinies in the same hunt (I stupidly now commited to a month-long melan Rowlet hunt with Ubercharm), and yesterday I hatched an albino Bergmite from a lab egg I was hatching for the tournament to pass the time.
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Wondering how I’m at 207h but no shiny yet. This is the worst luck I can remember having. I got 1 albino somehow like 8 eggs ago. I have all my achieved odds and a shiny and uber charm so idk what’s going on. I’m working on my dex & plan to eventually go for melan but with this luck idk if I’ll get anything.

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