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S/A Complaining Thread

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VENKØ's Avatar
I'm feeling really discouraged after this last Type Race. Fairy is my favorite typing, and after having my Pokeradar on all seven days, maxing out shelter adopts and daycare adopts, I wound up with not a single shiny/albino of any of my favorite lines to show for it. Maybe it would be easier if there was a second counter that slowly ticks up your odds between your last special hatch? Idk.
BioShocking's AvatarBioShocking
BioShocking's Avatar
Why is this Magikarp hunt taking forever! It's been through 2 sally days, but not 1 single shiny!
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ladyfiaragc's Avatarladyfiaragc
ladyfiaragc's Avatar
Last 300 eggs I've had nothing. During the Type Race I had better than usual luck getting 4 Shinies and 5 Albinos (and I haven't gotten anything since) currently have a chain of 700+ I can't always get all of my adoptions in per day, and interacting with full fields is easiest for me, but gives the least amount of XP. With a full time job it's so difficult to hatch anything worthwhile with these rates. If I took the average of what I'm getting saying I could do at least the dailies, with say, 6-8 hours off work to be able to play I could maybe get half of the shelter adoptions done. That's about 70 hatches a day. If it takes around 5-700 to get the right nature (sometimes I'll settle for others if they're Sour or Any if I get frustrated) that's approximately 10 days (assuming you're not doing anything else other than hatching for your chain, aka No contests, no type race, no fishing, no nothing) per Pokemon line. And there's over 800 in the dex. If my math is correct that's around 8000 days, which is 21 years. 21 years to complete a living dex of JUST shinies. That doesn't include Melans or Albinos. This is with FULL buffs other than Z-Crystals, because it's the only thing that I don't use to buff shiny/albino/melan rates. Yea.... Why even bother when a new PFQ is being talked about and you won't be able to take everything with you? So frustrating. I don't know how anyone does this without at least HM.
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ReginaCordium's AvatarReginaCordium
ReginaCordium's Avatar
[steeples fingers] I'm officially over 3k eggs and have only hatched 36 shinies and 17 albinos. WHAT are these rates??
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ladyfiaragc's Avatarladyfiaragc
ladyfiaragc's Avatar
Yup. I even used a Z crystal and got NO albinos while I was using it... FOR THREE DAYS! -.- 1083h|10s|6a|0m currently... I'm so sick of this damned hunt. I should just stop. I dunno how people purposely hunt for Melans because it's just too much of hatching the exact same egg, it gets so freaking boring. I just can't.
BioShocking's AvatarBioShocking
BioShocking's Avatar
450+ 'carp hatched and 3 sally days.... nada. Zilch. I can't bealeve I'm try for 2 of these things
soupsock's Avatarsoupsock
soupsock's Avatar
me, putting on my dunce cap for only now realizing i need the pokeradar to shine-chain eggs LOL.
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Inkspøøk's AvatarInkspøøk
Inkspøøk's Avatar
I finally gave up on my Acrtozolt, froze it and I am now hunting Frusky. I haven't gotten one albino during that entire hunt, even with using Z-Crystals and maxing out the albino radar each reset. Not only that, besides those two shinies I hatched early on, I didn't get any other shinies, even on any Sei days. I got too frustrated with the hunt and I only hope this hunt goes better. I understand they're not supposed to be super easy to get but this is....well, a bit much?
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ladyfiaragc's Avatarladyfiaragc
ladyfiaragc's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by soupsock

me, putting on my dunce cap for only now realizing i need the pokeradar to shine-chain eggs LOL.
I did that too when I was new. So mad lol
samatokii's Avatarsamatokii
samatokii's Avatar
i literally don't understand my luck it seems so good and then not i'm only 260+ eggs in my chain and i've gotten a melan, 4 albinos, but not a single shiny i'm losing my mind on sei day + with my shiny charm on i just want the shiny to progress my shinydex pls i will cry edit: i complain and it gives me one thank god
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