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S/A Complaining Thread

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Klaora's AvatarKlaora
Klaora's Avatar
628 Miltank hatched and no shiny I cry I did get an Albino though, so that was neat. I only get to charge the radar at max a couple days a week since it's a bit expensive to do so. Thanks for letting me scream into the void about the my lack of blue cow. I'll get a shiny on this website yet! Edit: One day later, I got my first ever shiny on this site. The Virizion I summoned that gave me an egg was shiny. I cry. No shinies for me. Update: Now over 700
Blazebrem's AvatarBlazebrem
Blazebrem's Avatar
Normally my RNG is just bad so lets see if a charm plus sei day can help my chances x3 knowing me, probabily not xD
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Shiny Albino and Melan
as I don't have many. Will you give me a hug? I hoard Snoms
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MadstheWriter's AvatarMadstheWriter
MadstheWriter's Avatar
Almost 400 Litwick eggs hatched...no shinies and no albino. I'm currently at 1,276.8% shiny boost and i've been running level 3 albino radar for most days since last june. Bruh
WereMorta's AvatarWereMorta
WereMorta's Avatar
Hatched almost 150 Alolan Vulpixes...no shinies or albinos so far. Apparently Sally dislikes me. :c
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CallistoStars's AvatarCallistoStars
CallistoStars's Avatar
I just released 20 eggs into the shelter and cannot find ANY of them :[ I hate that I decided to hunt jangmo-o because it seems to be impossible to get any of my eggs from the shelter
MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar
Sei Day; 2,100k chain; full Albino Radar Zero shinies and albinos, I'm literally hunting those for somebody. Ughhhhhhh, why does this hunt have such horrible luck.
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Moonpuff's AvatarMoonpuff
Moonpuff's Avatar
Im like everyone else having similar luck :/ my chain isnt aa mu h so far but going on 200 eggs with no shiny. I get its random chance but its disheartening to have and keep buying/supporting "upgrades" that basocally have no effect. *crossing my fingers for luck for us all!* ^^
RailaRoxie's AvatarRailaRoxie
RailaRoxie's Avatar
This Drifloon hunt is like. actually getting cursed LOL I just wanted a quick Drifloon hunt for TR, get one female shiny and one female albino, then move onto Dreepy for the rest of TR. And now i'm 300 eggs in with 3 male Albinos and and 2 male shinies. Been hunting with HM + Uber + Charm + Maxed out Albino radar every day of TR. I've gotten my female Albino, but she's actually the only female Albino i've gotten. The gender ratio lies to me.
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