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S/A Complaining Thread

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QUOTE originally posted by SunWaterIce

QUOTE originally posted by SunWaterIce

This hunt made got my nerves. I hatched 300 goldeen eggs. No shiny whatsoever! I hatched two albinos, but still no shinies. I guess I need to use my charms and hypermode.
This hunt got worse :( 400+ eggs STILL NO SHINY. I gave up albinos bc wynaut (hahaha). Sally what did I do to you. I JUST WANT ONE SHINY. Only one. Normaly I'd want more buy this hunt was so painful, when I hatch a shiny I'll end the hunt.
This is where I'm at with my Bulbasaur hunt. Almost 350 in and no shiny. T_T I know it could be worse, but I'm still grumpy about it. My hunt just before that got me a shiny and albino within 45 eggs, so I guess my luck is evening out. Edit: Finally hatched one at egg 475.
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