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S/A Complaining Thread

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Goanna's AvatarGoanna
Goanna's Avatar
I was hoping this would be an easy, quick hunt haha. I'm only looking for 1 shiny and 1 albino igglybuffs to turn into scream tails. Instead I'm at over 400 hatched...5 shinies so far but no albinoes in sight -_- edit: lol complaining worked, I got my albino 2 parties after I posted this hehehe
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EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
EstherGamer's Avatar
Am I seriously the only person hunting Pachirisu right now? My eggs take too long to show up in the shelter and I don't have the patience for it. ;_; Also, no shinies so far and my chain's nearing 200 already. 3 albinos though so at least there's something...
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Bro, Sally, it's two days of the typerace, I've put my eggs on lvl 7 two days already, why no albino :(? Please Sally, I'm not asking for three melans in the same party. It's just. a. dang. albino.
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PanconquesoXD's AvatarPanconquesoXD
PanconquesoXD's Avatar
update on shiny hunt ive been not playing for a very long time.i reached a chain of 100. no shiny yet???
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3 days of max charging. I should get something
Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
Tempura778's Avatar
Tatsugiri is cursed 5 specials on a chain of 500+
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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
Max albino radar + type race boost = 1 shiny, no albino. At least it's something?
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solarys's Avatarsolarys
solarys's Avatar
nearly 300 hatches in and literally nothing. no shinies, no albinos w/the radar up to lvl 6 AND with TR bonus. perhaps im simply impatient but man,,, sad sigh
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Walking Wake's AvatarWalking Wake
Walking Wake's Avatar
Either those Hawluchas or those Archens last TR drained my luck, because even with Level 7, ZR bonus and Z Crystal, I only found one Albino. What is happenaning.
solarys's Avatarsolarys
solarys's Avatar
344 hatches in, still literally nothing. not even a singular shiny. hypermode just ran out so my chances are tanking. still have the albino radar on lvl 6 and running with TR boost, and i know with these kinds of things i have to be patient, but i'm getting discouraged. i don't have the zc for a shiny charm, so that's a bust too. continuous sad sigh.

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