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(i posted this in the wrong place first sorry) hey! im just wondering something (im not really,, new new so XP). i was wondering what item is like, worth collecting? like i got my first tournament token a few days ago and i was proud of myself, so.. like is there a good way of getting kinda cool stuff like that? id like some rare/awesome mons but im not sure how to collect them cause it seems so impossible rn. any tips on how i can work up to it?
yööns's Avataryööns
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i think the answer to "whats worth collecting" is up to you! people collect for different reasons. some people collect valuable/expensive items (summons for hunts) and others collect not so valuable items they just find neat(: i for example used to collect moon stones and sun jewels, they held no value to me and i couldnt resell for a profit i just simply thought they were cute! so you should ask yourself for what reason you want to collect now you can collect tournament tokens, theres actually legacy tokens that hold no value and you could get for veryyy cheap if youre interested in tokens, but collecting the current agate tokens will be a bit more expensive right now until the next tournament and new ones roll out, so you could always wait till then. as for rare pokemon, those are going to be the most expensive depending on what you are referring to as rare and/or awesome. regular shiny/albino will be pretty cheap, but then you have people who collect melans which be significatly more expensive. you could also collect custom sprite pokes the site releases on holidays/events, and depending on when they were release (so the older they are) theyll typically be more expensive. another way to get them is simply partticpiate in the site events (such as the christmas one, everyone got a Krampus for the advent calendar) the cheapest, and coolest imo, pokes to collect would be the delta ones! if you have a favorite type you could collect just that type, or just collect ones you like the color scheme of

just look at them theyre beautiful

and really to find any of the above things for collections, the easiest thing to do is utilize the market and trade thread! or even post in your about something like "buying (item) for (price) send pm/trade" and youll find people selling. i used to also have friends on the site be on the lookout for people selling the moon stones and sun jewels so its not impossible, just takes a little work ^,^ i hoped this helped a little i just rambled on lol let me know if you have questions about anything else ill gladly help!
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i collect chimchars cause it and its evolutions are my favorite pokemon! i also collect kagamis, magatamas, and kusanagis because those are the lake trio's summon items and the lake trio are my favorite legendaries! generally, collecting anything on this site really depends on you and your personal interests, just what you like, what you find aesthetically pleasing, etc. just wanted to give my own lil example lol
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yööns's Avataryööns
yööns's Avatar
ah yes i forgot to include regular pokes in my who book of writing lol, i collected espeons combees and salazzle as well and regular pokes are probably the easiest to collect you could even find them for free or in the shelter :D
Mischevious's AvatarMischevious
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Some people collect pokemon with specific natures, like me! timid, quirky and naughty are some popular natures people collect! I collect Impish fellas!~
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