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Wild but hunted

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EeveeLover200's AvatarEeveeLover200
EeveeLover200's Avatar
You imagine when you think wild pokemon seeing happy free pokemon but no us,wild pokemon be hunted to be kept in tiny pokeballs intil your owner calls. The word everyone in the wild says is RUN!
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EeveeLover200's AvatarEeveeLover200
EeveeLover200's Avatar
Wild but hunted I thought. I thought I was stronger.I was wrong This is My Story I was going out hunting to get lunch for my precious Entei twins and had caught a scent of a fearow and a spearow. Suddenly I heard scuffles in the bushes all around me suddenly a girl screamed "OH LOOK IT IS AN ENTEI" They threw stones at me even pokeballs, great balls. I was bombarded constantly so I even stuttered on the ultra ball the little boy threw onto my groin. Pain and helplessness. Fear and Overwhelmingness filled me to my heart then they whispered to each other and started launching huge stones at me. One of the stones was sharp and left a little bleeding cut on my thigh. I suddenly feel like my prey and feel guilty. I cry and try to escape they have a net surrounding me now. I cry again but they all laugh so I try to do Flamethrower just to get away but no chance. Bang! Suddenly I am sweeped into a a MASTER BALL. Fear and bad memories come. No pokemon can escape this, my friend an absol went to have a owner after that stupid masterball. No pokemon has escaped this. I let loose for a bit afterall it is nice warm cosy (Snap out of it) I thought. You have children! I am fighting now. Will I give up? Will I not see my children again? I I I 1 ping how many others I am fighting I am fighting I am fighting Can I do it? (To be continued) Any improvements or what did you like about this story? What would like me to invlude in the next part? please post these on this page

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