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🌈 Zach's F2U Code & Templates!

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Welcome! 🌈

I'm Zach, and I like to code. It's fun! If you want to buy a custom code visit my PWYW Code Shop!
  • 🌈 TERMS OF SERVICE + Misc. Info🌈
  • 🌈 About Me Templates 🌈
  • 🌈 Forum Templates 🌈
  • 🌈 Signature Templates 🌈
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Terms Of Service

  • You may edit my codes, however heavily you want!
  • You may not claim any of my templates or large portions of my code as yours.
  • You may not take large portions of my code and use them in other templates.
  • You may not remove the credits from my templates.
  • You may edit the credit, or move it around, as long as it's still visible!
  • You may not remove any of the image credits from my templates, unless you are replacing the images and inserting new credits.
  • My PMs are always open for help if you run into any trouble on my templates!
  • By clicking off this tab, you agree to this T.O.S, and I reserve the right to report you if it has to come to that (please don't make me do that!)

Code & Template Suggestions

If you have a cool idea for a code, you're free to post it in this thread! This is not a guarantee that I will make this code at all, but rather a way for me to gather ideas. If you want me to make a code for you, please check out my shop!
None yet. Sorry!

Cows (Published December 23rd, 2020)

Pastebin Code Inspired by @Dingo Blue's love for cows ~ Live Preview

Dinos (Published January 2nd, 2021)

Plain (Published December 26th, 2020)

Pastebin Code NOTE; If you do not credit your forum icon in your signature, you may remove that credit. Make sure it's credited somewhere else though! Preview (Below) | Live Preview

Plain -- Customization Guide

This signature was made with the goal of easy customization! With that in mind, I've laid out some directions for customizing this code. 1.) Background. This template is set up to use repeating backgrounds only. The smaller the size of the background, the more times it will repeat on your signature's background! The size background I used was 20px x 20px. In order to change the background, you will need to replace the highlighted link. (NOTE: Keep the "s intact! Put your link between the "s.) 1.1) Background Credit. Remember, you must have permission to use the background! Now that you've changed the background, you need to make sure to credit the artist. In order to edit the credits, you must replace the link I've highlighted! 2.) Credit Block Background. The credit block background is the solid color background behind the credits. This is boxed-in in red in the first picture! I usually color pick from my repeating background image to get this color! Color picking from an image may be a little advanced for some people, so the easiest thing to remember is that #000 is black and #fff is white. Black is my personal go-to for the credit block background. In order to change this, you will need to change the highlighted text in the second picture to the color value you want. (NOTE: Hex values must always have a # in front of them!) 3.) Transparent Background Block. The transparent background block is what goes behind the text to make sure it's legible! It's boxed-in in red on the first picture. This can be adjusted RGB values (Must be RGB values to retain opacity levels! If you use hex codes or regular color names here, it will not be transparent.). RGB values operate with RGB(R LEVEL,G LEVEL, B LEVEL, TRANSPARENCY LEVEL(transparency can be anywhere from 0.1 to 0.9. try it out!)). A good example is RGB(0,0,0,0.5). This is a pure black with a 50% opacity. That's whats used on the original template! You most likely will only be changing this to black, or white (or, to be fancy, the color that you've color-picked from your new repeating background). Black's RGB is (0,0,0,transparency#) and White's is (255,255,255,transarency#). Try out different transparency numbers to see what looks best! 4.) Text color Wait, now that I've changed all this, my text is illegible! Luckily for us, this isn't quite as complicated as some of the others. Simply replace the highlighted word (in this case, "white") with what color text you want. You can use hex values here, or just the name of the color (though that will be less specific!). Make sure that your template is legible and follows the legibility guidelines! 5.) Link color Last but not least, the links color. This is also fairly simple! Simply replace the highlighted value with the color you'd like to change your link too. Remember to follow the legibility guidelines!

Octane Apex Legends (Published Feburary 14th, 2021)

Pastebin Code Huge thanks to @Lil Peanut for commissioning this code from me and being willing to open it to the public for free use! Preview (Below) | Live Preview

Pi Day! (Published December 23rd, 2020)

Pastebin Code Changes all berry buttons into their Pi Day variations. Preview (Below!)
🌈 Coding @Colorful 🌈 Header Image @_Cutgut
Zach ★ They / He ★ 19 I collect quiet nature Pokemon! Trades Shop Coding Stuff LF Rock/Flying/Fairy Z Crystals
Colorful's AvatarColorful
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Colorful's AvatarColorful
Colorful's Avatar
Just added a new F2U post template!
Hi there! I really like the Pi Day code, but the images for the Aspear, Cheri, and Chesto berries don't show up in field view, only party view. Nothing looks off in the CSS, which is confusing.
Signature image is free-to-use and by Lagomorphas. Avatar is by Temporal.
Colorful's AvatarColorful
Colorful's Avatar
Hello! It's because the site doesn't use the same .png for every berry across pages. It's really quite silly. Sometimes it uses .pecha.png and sometimes it uses .pechaberry.png. I forgot to post the update that would fix that. However, while testing to make sure this worked, I found out that this just... doesn't work at all on firefox. No clue why! No idea where to even start trying to fix that. For now, I'll just be updating the pastebin to the working version of changing all berries. If anyone has ideas on how to get it to work on firefox... be my guest!!
Thank you so much! Sorry it doesn't work on firefox, though.
Colorful's AvatarColorful
Colorful's Avatar
Hey, thanks to lots of help from Dr Who, we've figured out how to make the Pi Day CSS work on firefox! This shouldn't change how it works on chrome at all (besides making the pies slightly smaller to prevent overlapping :P) The pastebin is updated as of now :]
MankeyStankey's AvatarMankeyStankey
MankeyStankey's Avatar
SO im new to the game and have no idea how do "activate" the pie day code. How do I?
Check out the vibe shack
Colorful's AvatarColorful
Colorful's Avatar
Hello! The Pie Day Code is for your Site Skin, and goes in the "Extra CSS" section. You can find the page to change your site skin here! In order to use this, you'll have to select "- Create New Skin -" and paste the code into the "Extra CSS" Section. You should then select save skin and use this skin, then do a hard refresh. If that doesn't work, clear your browser's cache and do another hard refresh. Maybe restart the browser. It should work then for sure!
Colorful's AvatarColorful
Colorful's Avatar
Heyo! I've added a new free to use signature curtsy of @Lil Peanut! They commissioned this code from me and were willing to open it to the public for free use!
Octane Apex Legends (Published Feburary 14th, 2021) Pastebin Code Preview (Below) | Live Preview

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