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The Origins Of Rawrberry

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The early sun rises over the horizon, beaming down the morning glow across the land of Kalos. The shrill call of the archeops rings through the sky. This is the morning of a kalos from many a years ago back in the prehistoric age of Pokémon. Before the era of fashion and excellent cuisuine, the reigon was home to powerful titans from millions of years ago. The once known Kalosian stream was rapid this fine morning and just off the bank of it was a pack of the kings and queens of the land, the Tyrantrums. The Tyrantrums were a powerful species of pokemon that harnessed the power of the very rock in which they settled by. The alpha, Scar, had just woken up and with a growl and a groan so did the rest. But activity and excitement fell over the rest of the pack as the new eggs were starting to crack. The alpha couldnt care at all about the fact that he had to watch over the six new younglings, to him, it was just another burden. One after another the eggs hatched, four females and one male. It was strange that only one egg remained. It felt like whoever was in there didn't want to come out of its shell. A few minutes passed and nothing changed so the huntress of the pack set off to find food for the day, while the alpha and a few other members stayed behind to watch over the new younglings. Hours had passed, the hunters had returned with fresh Amaura meat, they were ready to chow down with the new younglings. Worry started to brew amongst the group as night was about to fall once more and barely even a scratch had been made on the last egg. The females were grimacing and snarling around the egg in its nest. The alpha had caught wind to this and sauntered over to watch this display. He grumbled at the fact that this particular egg was so stubborn, reminded him of himself when he was but a youngling. The alpha was now irritated, this has gone on for to long now and must be dealt with personally. He got up and grumbled towards the females as if saying to step back and clear away. He bent down, lowered himself to the egg, then bellowed at it. The ear piercing roar was so load that even the fellow comrades of the alpha flinvhed with terror. Clearly the little youngling inside heard the roar and made a brisk effort to escape the eggs prison. One push, two push, three pushes it gave to the side of the egg. The youngling bashed its head against the side, tried to crunch it with its teeth. Cracked, the egg was splitting. Just a lttle bit more and itd be free. With one last headbutt to the egg wall the youngling had broken free with little star sparkles ringing around it.
My story "The Origins Of Rawrberry" is a work in progress so stay tuned!

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