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Mews mega adventure

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Mega Mew's AvatarMega Mew
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So you want to hear my story of mew? Are you sure? *sigh* Here goes... Its a normal day in the forest, and im talking to my buddy celebi. Celebi is talking about the past, the future, blah blah blah. Im sitting here, pretending im listening (which im not) while she "talks". "Its going to be a bad day tomorrow... for you" Celebi says. This is the only line i pick up on. "What do you mean?" I say. "I cant explain it or you will panic" Celebi says. "I would probally panic anyway." i mutter to myself. Later im on my way home, thinking of what celebi said. Then my "bully" comes along. Oh boy was i unhappy. "Hey loser." Mewtwo says. "Shut up." I say. "thats what a loser would say HAHA!" Mewtwo laughs. Then my best best friend comes and defends me. "Hey mewtwo, go shove a sitrus berry in your piehole." Zeraora says. Mewtwo backs off at this statement. When Zeraora is here, Mewtwo goes away. Zeraora is always defending me. Its not because i suck at fighting back. No, im good at it, really. Its because Zeraora is a pro when taking care of bullies. I walk around town, deciding to let go of my feelings for a bit, unwind, whatever. I talk to some townsfolk, stare at the foutain, buy some potions, pick up a newspaper, and go home (I have a house in the forest. Its like a house made of leaves, mud, and logs. Its not the best, but im happy with it. It even has a wooden door to keep bad pokemon out.). The newspaper said there is a report of several pokemon disapearing. I wonder to myself, pokemon dont just disapear... My thoughts get inturrupted by the phone. I pick up the phone, and find out its my friend charizard. I talk with him for a bit. He was scared about the pokemon disapearing situation, but i reasured him. Finally he hung up and i went to bed on my bouncy bubble. I was awoke by a loud crash, and got up. I heard cries for help. I am known as the pokemon to call for help in the forest, so i leave my house and hurry where the cries were coming from. Then i saw one of the things i hate. Worse than mewtwo, Worse than bidoof. It was... A TRAINER!!! I made some noise to make the trainer look at me and not the snom that was in trouble. The trainer battles me. This is gonna get rough. The trainer sends out a gengar. I have a move to counter by weaknesses. I hit it with a shadow ball, and it fainted imediately. Then they send out a drapion. It tries to stab me with cross posion and toxic, but i dodged it like a BOSS. I used psystrike and defeated that too. The trainer groaned and sent out a raichu. I could make quick work with this, I thought. Then the trainer orders the raichu to use thunder wave. I couldnt avoid it in time and got paralized. The trainer throws a pokeball. It hits my tail, but i broke out quickly. I was not about to be captured by a pitiful trainer! I used a quick shadow ball and the raichu fainted. For his next pokemon, he sent out a goodra. I giggled and used draco meteor. The goodra faints, and i let out a sigh of releif. Only 2 pokemon left, cant be that hard. The trainer sends out Intelion. I did have thunder, but this was probally the starter, which is normally more powerful than the others. He has his intelion use snipe shot, and it hits. I tumble backwards, but i am not too hurt. I hit it with thunder, but it survives the hit with a focus sash. It uses snipe shot, but i counter it with thunder. 5 down, 1 to go. Then, they send out darkrai, the god of nightmares. I am terrified, because darkrai is a legendary pokemon, i am only a mythical. I fight my best and use shadow ball. The darkrai advoids it and uses dark pulse, which hits. I fell to the ground, and the trainer throws a ultra ball. I am stuggling to get out. I escape, but with not much energy left. I feel faint. Then the trainer does the impossible. They threw the MASTER BALL. I tried to advoid it, but it was no use... i was in it, struggling to break free... no... the future of my friends, the towns folk... all captured in a round capsule... No pokemon has ever been able to escape the masterball. Zeraora... Celebi... even mewtwo... Everything goes black. No... No... NO!!! I break out of the masterball, with much fury and rage. I mega evolve into my secret form... MEGA MEW! I hit the darkrai with a shadowstrike, and he falls. Then i attack the trainer. Normally this is a crime, but i am too mad to care. The trainer runs off, hurt and brused. I saved the day. No trainers will come here soon. I go home and get a good rest, knowing that i was a hero.
avatar credit goes to RenCringe
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Nice job!!
Avatar by aquali

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