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Evolving a shiny shelmet?

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I recently got my first shiny, a shelmet. I have a few questions on evolving it: -Do I need to trade it with another shiny karrablast, or is a regular okay? -Which evolution (Accelgor or Escavilier) will be shiny after the trade? -Is there anywhere I can ask for help evolving it? Thanks in advance!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
1: Regular is ok 2: Since it's shiny shelmet who is evolving, you'll obtain shiny Accelgor 3: You can ask in the trade forum You can also send me directly a trade, tho you'll need to send me a karrablast first. I have a delta shelmet to evolve, so we could evolve it at the same time too! :D
My first language is french! So sorry in advance for misunderstanding xD Click them, thankie! >>

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