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Totem Skuntank

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ChangeOfHeart's AvatarChangeOfHeart
ChangeOfHeart's Avatar
Hey peeps, I have a Skuntank and apparently they can be a totem Pokémon? I have been sending my Skuntank scouring and he's never come back with a sticker, wondering if I'm doing something wrong?
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
Totem Skuntank is the newest totem drop so it can't be obtained through scours until the next pfq totem is dropped in a couple months c: until then, you'd have to buy the MCW totem sticker for it either through the market, buy it from another user, or just dex it from someone (I can dex you my shiny one if you want?)
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I don't want to buy your stuff nor do I want you to buy mine <3

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ChangeOfHeart's AvatarChangeOfHeart
ChangeOfHeart's Avatar
Ooooooh ok! I thought it was one month after it was released it can be gathered, I misunderstood the wiki. 😅 And yes please! I only need 2 more pokemon for my alola dex to unlock the tapu summons! Lmk what you'd like for your help :3
RaraAvis's AvatarRaraAvis
RaraAvis's Avatar
Aw man, that's so unfortunate! I was gonna ask the same thing 😖 Thanks for the answer you guys!

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