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how much are these adopts worth

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Vully's AvatarVully
Vully's Avatar
they are the first adopts I have ever made and was wondering how much they were worth

adopt hidebox 1 (candymog)

adopt hidebox 2 (galaxy petil)

adopt hidebox 3 (fiachi)

adopt hidebox 4 (munchpie)

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Vully's AvatarVully
Vully's Avatar
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
It's worth a lock for art theft if you try to sell them, because that's just traced official artwork.
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Vully's AvatarVully
Vully's Avatar
so what should I do with them can I sell them or should I just give them away
iZoura's AvatariZoura
iZoura's Avatar
Based on what Niet said above... you can't sell them at all. You're risking getting in trouble. I probably wouldn't give them away either just in case. Best thing to do in future for adopts is to try and draw them on your own without outlining official artwork.
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Vully's AvatarVully
Vully's Avatar
ok thank you
icedragonboi's Avataricedragonboi
icedragonboi's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Updated Art Rules

  1. ...
  2. You may not sell traced art. This includes official Pokémon artwork. You may gift traced official Pokémon artwork, but you must credit the source of the art. You are not allowed to trace art from any other source. "Tracing" refers to the act of exactly or closely duplicating all or part of an image, and includes heavily referencing the image.
    • You may sell art created using a lineart base, provided you created the base yourself, the base is free-to-use for commercial purposes, or you have purchased the right to use the base for commercial purposes. Credits for art created using a free-to-use or purchased base must include the original artist as well as yourself. In general, all artists who contribute to a finished art piece must be credited.
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Vully's AvatarVully
Vully's Avatar
I'll gift them then if you want one or all you can have first dibs seeing as you helped me

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