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Dusk form rockruff

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VonGhul's AvatarVonGhul
VonGhul's Avatar
I've been trying to evolve my rockruff into its dusk form. The green heart is all the way at 100% and it is dusk, but it won't let me evolve into dusk form, just midnight. is the heart not the affection meter?
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Happiness and Affection are not the same.
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Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar
You need to feed it *perfect berries that it likes instead of sweethearts And like Niet said affection and happiness are different things to see the affection level go to the pokemon's summary and it's under the contests tab * If your rockruff like bitter food then you feed it perfect rawst berries Otherwise it will NOT work 5-6 berries is enough
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VonGhul's AvatarVonGhul
VonGhul's Avatar
thank you very much,and how long does affection last? is it permanent or will I have to keep refeeding them?
Maetis's AvatarMaetis
Maetis's Avatar
Affection is permanent
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VonGhul's AvatarVonGhul
VonGhul's Avatar
thanks again
Also, you get Perfect Berries by using Amaze Mulch on your Berries when you plant them. It only works on the main 5 Berries though, so it really is important to find out which Berry your Pokémon likes before you plant. Also, using Amaze Mulch doesn't guarantee a Perfect Berry, but you can't get them without it. (Unless you trade for them or buy them from the Market.)
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VonGhul's AvatarVonGhul
VonGhul's Avatar
thank you so much.

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