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omgtatercat's Avataromgtatercat
omgtatercat's Avatar
I have an Eevee with max affection, but it's still only wanting to turn into an Espeon or Umbreon. Can it not have happiness, too? Does it JUST have to be affection? Cuz that's gonna suck if I have to dump this one :/
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I think Happiness overrides Affection, so you can put the Eevee into a field it dislikes to lower it’s happiness! Alternatively, if you have a Red Gigaremo, stick it in the Daycare with a compatible Pokémon with the Gig turned on and click a bit to lower the happiness. Trading with someone also lowers it back down to 27% but I’m not sure if it also resets the affection.
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omgtatercat's Avataromgtatercat
omgtatercat's Avatar
So I just tested it, and trading it back and forth does not cancel out affection. It's still at max affection, so... huzzah!

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