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Hi there, I am aware that with pokemon like Maravol and Vivillion, each player is assigned a pattern. They will only hatch that one pattern. I am aware of Flabebe and Unown. Players are not assigned a certain color or symbol to hatch with those. So with the flabebe, flower color is random chance? And with unown, it's more calculated but anyone can still hatch any of the symbols right? And now. What about Milcery? Am I assigned a flavor that I will always hatch or is that random chance? Are there any other assigned pattern pokemon here that I'm not aware of yet? Like, what about Minior - does that count? Will I always hatch stars that xray the same color? Thank you for your time and answers. =)
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alcremie's flavor color is determined by the way you evolve it. different number of spins in different directions at different times of day. nothing to do with the user who hatched the milcery, nothing to do with chance.
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Wanderen's AvatarWanderen
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Really? Wow, I had no idea. Thanks! Good to know.
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Flabebe and Minior are completely random. For unown it depends on the parents, but as long as you have the correct pair, you can hatch all forms yourself. Aside from maravol and vivillon, there are no set patterns for everything right now
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