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Everstone Daycare 2 (Actual RP)

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Lugia, Dwebble, and シェイミ try their best to help フーパ. The Gratitude Pokémon uses Aromatherapy to try and keep the Mischief Pokémon calm, and the other two... well, they just try to do little things to help.
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Niroshi looked around, beat but curious. Niami Huffing around.
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I think for now, I’m going to be quitting the rp…. I’m really sorry…. If anyone wants a goodbye gift, dm me.
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(Want to continue, Skylarin?)
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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(Oh I thought I wrote Tobias leaving. Do you want me to bring him back, or I could bring in another character if you want?)

(I meant with Showstopper and フーパ. Sorry I didn't clarify.)
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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Even if the directions were rather... simple, Showstopper simply didn't have the knowledge. Ir knew quite a bit, but electronics were never its forte. It set the Hoopa lookalike on a cot, seeming to look around before just rooting around for stuff to toss in the cot. Bandages, a couple batteries, tweezers that had a flat shape similar to that of a screwdriver as they often are, paralysis heal... well, all of that was worthless here!
The batteries and tweezers might not be worthless, actually. Showstopper just needs to find out if there are two batteries, and if so, if the batteries are actually the right type and size, AAA. The fusion also needs to find out if the tweezers will actually work as a screwdriver. Maybe they'll work, maybe they won't. It'll never know if it doesn't try. (In other words, AAA batteries are a bit bigger than their smaller counterparts, those being AA batteries. They're a bit smaller than AAA. ...or maybe AA batteries are bigger, and AAA batteries are smaller. I'm not entirely sure. LR44 batteries are basically just batteries for an analog wristwatch.)

Pages: 123··· 367368369

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