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Everstone Daycare 2 (Actual RP)

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Today’s Info

Castform Forecast

Today: Sunny

Expected Arrivals

1. Ke’maru the Riolu 2. Sezari the Mudkip 3. Dorime the Bibarel

Plot Events

Major Everyone arrives today! Get to know everyone, what harm can it do? Minor N/A
Time: 8:02am -Vera - What would’ve been a much longer rest for Vera was cut off by a slightly rude awakening by Eliza the Whimsicott. She blearily looked up to the cloud like Pokemon, who was holding something. “Hey, the others were messing around with this. In a bad way. And U’wau noticed first, so thank him.” She informed her, and Vera used her vines to take her tablet back. “Yeah, thanks. Get me when foods up...” Vera dozily replied while turning away from her. -Splodge - The obedient freak that was Splodge was already up, idly swimming around in one of the tanks. From what he heard, it wasn’t so bad in the Ground room, but he preferred the water over that place any day. “I wonder if the new arrivals are gonna follow the dang rules... looking at you, Tao’ll.” He slightly snapped, causing the sea otter Pokemon to shrug at him. “Well, Xera was fine with me taking that Pecha Berry to help Kaeya!” Tao’ll replied, eyeing the Dewott carefully. “Right...” Splodge said with a glare before returning to swimming. (Feel free to hop in now guys!)
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Jay walks through the reception door, a limp in his step, back hunched and head down. He was a slim Pokemon, underweight for a Houndoom, let alone one crossed with an Arcanine. Looking around, or more, scowling at his surroundings. He huffs, while obediently sitting next to his trainer, a tall, rough looking man, not the friendliest of people. ‘I’ll be back sometime later for him. Watch him though, he can be nasty.’ He gives Jay a mean look worthy glare and a fairly hefty kick to the side to get him moving. With that, the trainer was out the door and Jay was left lying down a few feet away from his previous seated position. He pulled himself to his feet and looked around. Bewildered at this new place and not sure what to expect.
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A small girl walked in, no older than 15, holding something small and yellow in her hands. She whispered gently to the Joltik. "Shhh, hey, no, we're only a couple towns away, baby." The shiny didn't look happy, although he was completely blocked to everyone else's vision. He was shaking as his trainer set him down in a corner, scuttling back to her before she told him to stay. Plug was extremely anxious about his situation, and the girl walked out to an equally anxious Bisharp/Darkrai fusion of some sort. Seems familiar.

SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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! Area Description: Check-In ! The room was decently large, with openings to each place fully visible. A mix of stairs, escalators and elevators could be seen that lead up to the higher levels of the building. A few random Pokemon, to be specific Furbo and Ryu, were seen lounging in here despite not waiting for somebody. Whatever the Pokemon did was their choice though. Furbo and Ryu are now open for interactions.


Furbo is a fairly streetwise Furret who’s been here for about a year or so. She has this place memorised like the back of her paw, so she’s the one to ask about certain areas. Ryu can and will try to convince anyone he meets into a friendly spar, even if they get practically destroyed by his swift moves. It’s better if you ask him to battle first, so if you want to do that, go ahead!
JayBurakku's AvatarJayBurakku
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As Jay gets his head around his surroundings, he begins to walk to a set of cushions scattered around the corner of check-in. As he walks past Furbo and Ryo he barely even lifts his head to acknowledge them there. With a huff and a grumble, he skulks down into the cushions, curls into a tight ball, tucked right into the corner, but facing so he can see the entire room still. ‘Another lousy daycare for him to forget about me in again.’ He muttered under his breath.
"Okay Chrysanthemum, you be good now, alright?" A young woman spoke on the other side of the check-in door. "I'll be gone for just a few days..." A small, almost trilling sound came from a fluffy lump that was beside the silhouette before the woman walked inside, a small pink mareep wearing a shall, a couple ribbons and a bell around her neck entered the room on a leash with her trainer, a woman who looked more into the city life than anything, wearing a nice, if expensive outfit, a silver band on one of her fingers. "Thank you for looking after her on such short notice." The woman said a little absently towards the check in counter before undoing the leash. "She might be a handful, she gets into everything." With a sigh, the woman turned around and leaves, placing the leash on the back of a nearby seat. "huh..? Where... what is this place? This looks fun!" The mareep chimed happily, looking around, her bright eyes looking everywhere, seeing a large canine that she couldn't recognize, a furrett, a hawlucha and, she could have sworn she saw something else in another corner, but she couldn't find whatever it was before walking around, looking up and around everything she could reach.
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JayBurakku's AvatarJayBurakku
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Jay lifts his head ever so slightly at the noise of the front door opening, the clanging of the leash on the chair, the trilling coming from the Mareep, the sound of the Mareep exploring everywhere they can get into, the Mareeps voice. He gave a low growl, stood, stretched out and walked in her direction. He still kept his head low, but upon reaching her, he sniffed the air, snarled and went to wander off to find some peace and quiet. Although he had a feeling that was going to be difficult.
A young man walked in, the Starly sitting in the hood of his jacket playing with his hair. He looked around for a few seconds, then spoke with a soft voice. "Hello. I am Dr. Cleff, Pokemon Researcher. I'm studying to become a Pokemon Professor. Would it be alright if I were to collect data on the Pokemon you keep here? You seem to have quite the varie-" He was cut off by the afformentioned Starly giving his ponytail a particularly sharp tug. "I know, Coco. It'll be fine." He turned back to the person at the counter. "Excuse her. She gets nervous in new places."
96XNekochan's Avatar96XNekochan
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"Aaaaah~ Wonderful day today, darlings~!" rang a voice from outside the facility. The sun that shone down on the shiny Blacephalon made the lights on his head dazzle beautifully as he hummed an unknown tune. The Blacephalon gently tugged on his shawl and released some access glitter that resided upon the fringes of it. "...Hmm..What in goodness' name is this place~?" He asked curiously while tilting his head upon noticing Everstone Daycare. He made a small ticking sound before he gave a hidden smile, his voice chimed happily as he placed his hands together just beside his cheek. "Oooh! A lovely place it seems to be~! I can sense a lot of new faces within there! Perhaps I should check it out, hmm~? <3" And with that said he made his way to the Daycare. He approached the door moments later and gave a gentle knock, lightly opening the door. "Helllooooo~? <3" He said cutely before his eyes darted around a little to see the curious creatures that were here. "Hmm..~" He then gently closed a door behind him, blinking a little as his eyes landed upon the human at the receptionist desk. "Oh goodness me! A human? They still exist~?" He clapped his hands cutely, "Oh wonderful~! I thought they all went extinct after the worm hole d--..Oh...*chuckle*" He gently rubbed the back of his head. "Ah my apologies, sweetie! I forgot i'm not at home! I'm pretty sure you aren't going extint! Silly me~!" He playfully hit his head, causing it to roll around before landing back in place. His eyes then went down to the receptionist. "Hello there, darling~!" He commented to them,giving his signature entertainer's bow, "I am Finale! A pleasure to meet you~! Quite the pleasure~!" He then stood back up and gently cleared his throat. "If hmmm..I may be so bold. Where exactly...Is this place? It's very lovely~<3"
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Cleff turned to the voice in surprise. Since when could Pokemon talk?! Was that thing even a Pokemon? It certainly wasn't anything like what he'd seen before. Cleff cleared his through before addressing the balloon thing. "E-excuse me? Are you a Pokemon? And if so, how can you talk? You'd be very valuable to my research..." Coco had dove into his jacket in fear. He placed a hand over the bulge she made, trying to soothe her.

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