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Template/About Me/Signature Show-Off Thread!!

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King Vesper's AvatarKing Vesper
King Vesper's Avatar

ABC Show Off Thread!

For Templates, About Me's, & Signatures!

Welcome! This thread is run by the ABC Clan (Artistic Background Creators, a Template-Maker's Clan). YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO POST! This thread is where you can post templates, about me's, or signatures that you would like to share for whatever reason. You do not need to be its creator, but you do need to let us know who made (or contributed, if multiple people made edits)!
King Vesper's AvatarKing Vesper
King Vesper's Avatar
I'll start us off. This incredible work of art was made by Quinn. I love the colors, brushes, and text very much!!
Spewpa's AvatarSpewpa
Spewpa's Avatar

I coded this template a while ago. It was meant to be a fusion between both of @Is It Necessary's Template VII variations. It isn't the best, but I'm still proud of it. ^^

the birds in the original cat template just didn't appeal to me, so i decided to replace the birds with the constellations in the kid variation.

i had a bit of trouble finding the constellation bit to change the color to match the cat template. i figured out the base of the cancer constellation was part of the art in the kid template, so i did a rough estimate and drew the lines on the cat art lol

the templates in question are this and this!

i didn't know what color i should have put for the constellations, so i just searched up star color palletes lol
here's the permssion!
Hi, I'm Spewpa. I hoard Cracked Teapots
, Rotom Sparkplugs, and Shelter Pass C
- hover to see my stock; you can send any spare ones! I'll also buy Raijin's Lamps for 20zc/equiv. Journal - Art Shop - My Codes Icon~ me Gif~ Pokémon XYZ.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
i made that, down there! VVV
King Vesper's AvatarKing Vesper
King Vesper's Avatar
@Spewpa: Oh I love her work! I think you did a really nice job of mixing both of them! @RenCringe:I love how clean and cohesive it looks! The colors are also gorgeous. Did you make the sprites yourself?

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