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Everstone Daycare 2 - Setup

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DatSquirtle's AvatarDatSquirtle
DatSquirtle's Avatar
This is my first ever shiny in this rp i'm gonna add. Name: Stickerwicker Human/Pokemon?: Pokemon Age: Almost 20 Gender: Female Species: Shiny Caterpie Apperance: Has a necklase that brings shinies toward it. Personality: She is very quirky. Other: She is a huge lover of leaves. She loves Ori cuz Ori took care of her. :)
Hiii! Finnally changed. Think I should keep it? (OWWW IM IN PAIN!!!!)
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
That's good!
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Cele's AvatarCele
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I'm in the process of deleting irrelevant messages in this thread. If they happen again, this entire RP thread is going to get shut down for excessive rulebreaking. If someone is breaking rules, please report instead of interacting with them, minimodding, or trying to handle the situation yourself. Thank you.
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understood Cele! ^^
Icon made by this person! My CS Hey Hey Its Liam here! im still a newbie to Pokemon (since my first game was Sun) but I know lots of pokemon ^^ Any form of Gift is welcome ^^ I like birds, Psychic types and most water types :D They can be either Normal (most common to happen), Shiny, Albino or Melan (highly unlikely going to happen) S/A/M Gifts (anyone who gifts one, gets mentioned here): Tune (S), TimelessDialga-(S)(S)(S)(S)(S),
Understood. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused.
Name: シェイミ Human/Pokemon?: Pokémon Age (Optional): 13 Gender: female Species: Shaymin Appearance: the TOMY talking Shaymin plush, wearing a little flower necklace with the Japanese "Giratina and the Sky Warrior" logo on it Personality: シェイミ is timid and quick to flee from any situations that may frighten her. It takes time for her to warm up to others. She's a bit scared of Giratina, although one befriended her long ago. Other: yet another Delta Electric-type Name: Dwebble Human/Pokemon?: Pokémon Age: 10 Gender: male Species: Dwebble Appearance: the McDonald's Dwebble figure, and on the top of his shell is a sticker with an "m" on it Personality: Dwebble is a little timid, launching himself towards whatever may scare him, using Slash near the offender and scurrying to the Electric room. Other: my first Pokémon that isn't a Legendary (All my Pokémon characters are Delta Electric-types, and they're all based on electronic figures and plush.)
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Ah, deltas! That's interesting and appreciated. They're good to go!
Grasslovania's AvatarGrasslovania
Grasslovania's Avatar
Name:Splinter Human/Pokemon?:Pokemon Gender:Male Age (Optional):19 Species (Pokemon Exclusive):Melan Lycanroc Midnight (Dont know if mel is allowed) Job (Human Exclusive): Appearance:Has a scar on his right eye shaped like a rock from splintered stormshards, one of his (hair? rocks?) is broken, and his eyes are blue. Personality:Introverted, and loyal to the few friends he has. Other: He has a twin brother, Shard, who usually speaks for him instead of him speaking directly to others. (see below) Name:Shard Human/Pokemon?:Pokemon Age (Optional):19 Gender:Male Species (Pokemon Exclusive):Melan Lycanroc Midday (still dont know if mels are allowed) Job (Human Exclusive): Appearance:Has a scar on his left eye, the same shape as his brothers, and his eyes are red. Personality:Protective of his twin, and tries to act older but his twin has to step in when he sees someone he likes and gets flustered. Other:Has a twin brother, who he is fiercly loyal to, And usually speaks for.
“Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with all their favorites.”
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Yeah, melan Pokemon are totally fine! They're both good to go.
Grasslovania's AvatarGrasslovania
Grasslovania's Avatar
Thanks. Im looking foward to seeing everyone in the everstone daycare.

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