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Legibility Guidelines

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Tam I am's AvatarTam I am
Tam I am's Avatar
Ouch. These rules are not legible to me. But that's alright, I won't be using fancy stuff on the site at all.
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Dusky Flareon's AvatarDusky Flareon
Dusky Flareon's Avatar
Are we allowed to report broken BBcode? I, at least, find it a nightmare to read.
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Order on page 5 of thread
, full credit to him for the art!
Zen's AvatarZen
Zen's Avatar
I'd just like to point out, for the About Me code that BananaLizard did, BananaLizard has actually stated that she's no longer supporting the code. The post where she said it. But you can find the 6-Tab here and the 11-tab here. Both with the fixed width and height done by Dadesfriend.
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Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar
@Tam I am: Err, could you explain how they're not legible? @Dusky Flareon: Yes. That's completely acceptable. @Zen: Thanks for pointing that out. I was unaware!
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Tauren's AvatarTauren
Tauren's Avatar
But Sei, your own post makes my eyes tired after 5 seconds of reading :c
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@Sei I think coding the template you used so that display boxes have a color scheme would be a good idea; it's a little cringey with it not matching the rest of the template's colors.
Rokon's AvatarRokon
Rokon's Avatar
Could you specify how opacity is permitted to be used? I see a lot of people use it, but I'm never sure if its a complete ban of it, if there's a certain threshold of permission with it, etc etc. So I'm never sure what to do.
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SnivyLover's AvatarSnivyLover
SnivyLover's Avatar
Sei, I read through the post and thought of a question. What about people who are color blind? I'm not, but I have a friend who is but does not have an account on PFQ. If some users are color blind, should that be considered?
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trashguts's Avatartrashguts
trashguts's Avatar
@Sei: Light or bright text against a dark background is harder to read than dark text against a light background for most people. That's probably what Tam I Am and Kavi ate referring to.
hey, i'm trashguts (aka hiperyon), and i mostly like making templates and drawing! you can find my journal here, and my main deviantart (featuring ways to contact me and a link to more info about me) here! my avatar is by me.
I don't use any colors on my about me section cause I don't wanna risk people's eyes bleeding and bright colors really messes up my eyes. I agree with you, Sei.
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