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So I've been off and on with this site since it launched, and I was off during the time when deltas came out So I have a couple questions 1. So shiny/albino deltas are worth more, but how much more? I hatched a fighting delta albino Croagunk, how much could I sell it for? (not selling, just using as example) 2. The non-shiny deltas, how much are they worth? I normally sell for 10gp because otherwise I just wondertrade or release them but is there any value there at all? Thanks to anyone who can help!
Prices for Deltas are going to vary drastically between users because everyone collects them for different reasons. Take, say, your Albino Croagunk. You're likely going to sell that either to someone who collects Fighting Deltas, or someone who likes the color combination that the glow gives the Pokémon. I personally have spent between 500gp/equiv.-1kgp/equiv. on special Dark Deltas, with those on the spendier side being ones with a particularly nice color combo with the black glow. The same goes for regular Deltas. It's really going to come down to the type of Delta, the species, and the color combo with the glow. A Normal, Bug or Ground Delta, which are some of the less popular types, will likely sell for less than a Psychic, Dragon or Fairy, which are more popular Delta types. A Delta Magikarp will sell much less than a Delta Diancie. And so on. I personally think that for most intents and purposes you may be undercharging. I've seen (and bought) Deltas for 35gp-50gp or so, though the market has dropped a bit recently so you may want to lean toward the 35gp side. 10gp might be more reasonable for the less desirable Deltas like Normal, however. Like I said though, it will rely heavily upon the type of Delta and the species.
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