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QUOTE originally posted by gannymede

Ash, I’d like to borrow your pokemon! -snip-
sending now^^

QUOTE originally posted by DragonDance1021

Hello Ash! This may be a silly question but do yo dex trade shiny and albino pokes?
I've been thinking about adding that service soon, but I'd like to wait until I have more s/a pokemon to dex, so unfortunately not at this time, sorry;;
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No longer needed, sorry! ;w;
Icon by HolicArts
Hello! May I buy the following pairs for 3zc per? - modest/brave Ralts (90%) - modest/calm Stufful (93%) - rash/modest Buneary - lonely/modest Finneon (96%) For a total of 12zc.
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angelatos's Avatarangelatos
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ahh, it's been a while, my apologies;; dragondance: sending now! winter solstice: absolutely! I'll send the first one as a trade and the rest as gifts :)
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Hello again~ may I adopt these Pokemon please? 1 2 3
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all sent!
angelatos's Avatarangelatos
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DeliciousBread: your box order is ready! sending a trade here shortly^^ quick announcement: until I catch up with orders a bit, I will not be taking any more box hunt orders! I've got two on the waitlist now, and I'd like to clear up my hunt spots before taking any new orders^^
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