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Lab eggs

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ChangeOfHeart's AvatarChangeOfHeart
ChangeOfHeart's Avatar
Hi all, Just wondering if it's worth getting eggs from the Lab when shiny/albino hunting? Once you've got all the ?????? eggs from the lab available, is it essentially useless? With the limitations for daycare and shelter adoptions I end up running out of eggs within an hour of the new day unless spending a lot of real money. Wondering if I'm missing anything here, I see so many people with 'rus hatch and switch out the same eggs a couple of times over and wondering where they get them from. Any advice/tips is welcome, I have Hypermode, albino radar and Uber charm (having trouble getting the 750,000 credits for pokeradar).
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
The lab is pretty much useless for shiny hunting, since you're really unlikely to actually find the egg you're hunting. It works to hunt random albinos, otheriwse same as for shiny hunting. People who can refill their parties all the time have probably a high shelter pass and use daycare passes. You can borrow star shelter passes until server reset for 20-50gp worth in the trade forum if you want to. If you want to shiny hunt, you'll need a pokeradar, but if you just want to get albinos, the albino radar and an übercharm are enough. Since the albino radar does not have a chain, you can just keep hatching eggs you like, so using the lab would be helpful for you. The lab is also good for events like hatching tournaments and the type race where some eggs won't break your shiny chain. That way you can get more points
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ChangeOfHeart's AvatarChangeOfHeart
ChangeOfHeart's Avatar
Thank you so much!
ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
A notice that even with HM and an Ubercharm, you won't be able to shiny hunt unless you have the Pokeradar.
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ChangeOfHeart's AvatarChangeOfHeart
ChangeOfHeart's Avatar
No worries peeps, I finally got the radar yesterday 😊 Got an albino Pichu and my husband got a shiny swablu from the lab without a pokeradar! He's super lucky 😭

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