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Boxes: to open or not to open?

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Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
So I'm at the basic dilemma that I feel everyone comes across at one point or another here on pokefarm: do I open boxes or should I sell them? I have a ton of boxes. Like a TON. And I get tempted to sell them because I know they're easy zc. But the item possibilities *-* (my box amount and total worth if you're curious, each box being worth 5zc, 25kcr, or 25gp) I know a lot of people sell boxboxes, and I know it's a great form of income on the site. That being said, I ALSO know there are people that open all of their boxes and sell excess items for income as well. What I wanna hear about is, what do you feel is a better payoff? is 100-120zc per 21 boxes better than whatever is in those boxes? Or do the contents of those boxes pay for themselves easily? If you open them, do you open boxes as soon as you get them or save them up? If you sell them, do you sell them in market or in shop? And do you sell singularly or boxbox? Literally give me your box life story
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
99% of the time, I've always found it more useful to sell boxboxes on the market for whatever the going price is at the time. .8% of the time, I use boxes with lucky seals in order to get summons in order to try my luck to make a profit along with getting summons for my own hunt. I either sell the summons in a trade thread/my shop or swap for my wanted summons. .2% of the time, in times like Current Time where GP is a bit scarce on site atm because of people waiting to open boxes for the galar summons, I've been opening boxes for GP since it's been hard doing the normal currency swaps for GP as of late. But generally, I find it a lot more rewarding to depend on the secure 600kCR+ I get from each boxbox than trying my luck opening them, haha.
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SaltyUwU's AvatarSaltyUwU
SaltyUwU's Avatar
It really depends on luck. Since a lot of people are hoarding boxes, by opening yours you could get relics and sell those for a good price. Probably shouldn't open all of them now, because you're waiting for the galar drop. But you probably wouldn't need that many (holy hecc you have a lot 0:). Or you could sell them if your box luck is too great I was originally holding onto my boxes cuz I was waiting to unlock my next chain legends so I could get some new summons (I didn't want to break my shiny chain for just summon unlocks so I recently broke it for type race). Once I heard about the galar drop and all that I decided to hoard them more. In general I like to get at least 50 boxes before opening them, I just prefer opening them in bulk rather than a few here and there.
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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Unless you're happy to get a wild range of different things, I'd generally stick to selling boxboxes. Currently I have little need of most things I find in boxes - I have no need for summons, gummis, evolution items or megastones. The odds of me finding something I actually need are really low, and I would rather buy it off someone than burn my boxes looking for them. Even if I got valuable things like summons, I'd have to turn around and resell them, that's harder and more time consuming to find buyers for than simply pawning off a boxbox in about 15mins flat.
ReginaCordium's AvatarReginaCordium
ReginaCordium's Avatar
I really only open boxes with a lucky seal, because otherwise my luck is garbage. Otherwise I just pack 'em into a boxbox for easy money.
Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
Sounds like a pretty unanimous "selling boxes is worth more" so I might not open ALLLL my boxes, maybe I'll open some when the legendaries come out and then once I've gotten what I need I can sell the rest xD I'm scared to know what the new summons are gonna run for initially on the market so I do NOT want to deal with that

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