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The perfect trade shop? (Polls)

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POLL: Trade shops or trade thread?

Total votes: 49

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POLL: Specific shop or multipurpose?

Total votes: 46

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POLL: What do you often visit shops for?

Total votes: 183

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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
What are your views on trade shops? I'm interested to know what the community likes on this. Do you visit them often? Not really down your alley? What services do you frequent in trade shops? What do you like to see more of? Do you like simplistic shops with a focus on specific services or one-stop-shops that cater to all needs? I've owned a shop for a while now, but I personally find that if I want to sell something the fastest way is by setting up a trade thread - which kind of defeats the purpose of a shop. I'm not active enough to offer prompt rental services, which seems to me to be the main reason you get repeat and steady traffic. I've also thought about co-owning a shop, but then that also depends on how a co-owned shop is better than a solo shop where I have full control over my thread. Will put up some polls. Let me know what you think?
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
This is going to sound like an old man rant but I find browsing shops really hard, especially on mobile. The shop names rarely tell me what's inside so I have to open like 20 tabs, some templates aren't very readable, and my phone never copies reply templates right. But if I'm looking for something very specific, well, shops are a lot more likely to have it when it's not like the new token or w/e. I like browsing the main trade forum for stuff I didn't even know I wanted until I saw it lol, I've bought a couple melans that way. Back when I ran a shop I tended to focus on one or two things, usually dex and item trades. I think I got the most traffic when I offered something like item swaps along with sales, they didn't make money but it sometimes helped keep my thread bumped. But that was a long time ago, I think the shops culture has changed since then, and Doug's market makes dedicated item shops less necessary.
Juzíneo's AvatarJuzíneo
Juzíneo's Avatar
Oh I love to go shopping I tend to pass quite a few hours on the Trades section, but the Trade Shops are not really for me, I mean I do lovr to own my very own shop as well, I have even passed the whole other day editing my shop into something I thought would look better. But to tell you the truth, I check shops only when I'm hunting something specific(a summon I hoard or some RTEs once in a while), my latest use was to actually rent shelter passes, things have changed so much from what they once where, as years passed, people got their shiny/albino/melandexes full and stopped looking at shops for hunts and hunt spots. I've always used my own shop to do hunting, nowadays, my shop is used for that as well, but I also have box box hunts, gem trading, summon swapping/buying/selling, I mean, you gotta do all sorts of things to be able to attract the users attention. But yeah, just creating a Trade thread is way easier and faster. I just found some love for all the hard work I had bangging my head to be able to edit all that css/bbcode to make my shop look a little nicer you can find a link of it just below this
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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
I was thinking the same thing @Tarashia, that as a customer I hate having to comb through the shops to find the things I need because there's only so much info you can cram into a name. I was thinking a limited selection of services/sales would make the searching simpler. But that also means that you get a more limited coverage. @Juzineo I love coding my template to make it look nice too, but updating it is a nightmare xD especially on mobile.
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
I love trade shops, but it does take a bit to go through them all. Looking through the Pokefarm Merchants Association to find new shops makes it a bit easier, but I don't think it's entirely up-to-date yet. Besides that, I tend to check shops that list what they do in the title, since it's easier to find stuff I keep an eye out for. @Tarashia brings up the very good point though, I save all my new shop browsing for desktop and only check up on subbed ones on mobile. Templates help a lot with reading big chunks, since usually theres more thought into formatting whats in the post, and it's easier on my eyes. (Some templates make it harder though, especially some fonts.) I will say, I ran a co-owned shop before this, and the main thing in demand was Exclusives and Variants with that shop, including breeding pairs. I've considered adding something similar to my current shop, but I don't think I'd be able to keep up with demand, personally.
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